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I cannot wait to see the end result of this!
I'm having some trouble installing this on my computer, though....

do you use a mac?

a lady on the forum couldn't install it for that reason. but i'm told there are simple ways around that.

LOL i had years without playing RPG MAKER, is so freaking awesome :D

i am definitely looking forward to playing it when its done, the demo was enjoyable.

Are you going to have any voices in game? Cause I'd love to contribute to that if you do.

nope, no voices.

I would love to help with Monster and Battle Sprites :)

Unfortunately im not talented enough to do anything even remotely useful to this glorious cause, nevertheless Id like to say: PLS do not omit Gooseman and Raptor Jesus characters :O

eternally grateful..

gooseman is a major character, but there's no raptor jesus at this point.

however, creating a stage doesn't require any artistic capabilities, all the assets are done already you just have to arrange them.

I already posted something on the forum, i hope to have an answer soon, also i hope you like my stuff :D

your pics look good, felipeof!

i'm sure velex will be in contact with info, i don't actually know what still needs to be done myself or i'd tell you.

This will be epic. Will you be able to get Gooseman as a party member?

yes, he's the first one to join your party.

Shame, I could have easily coded you one in flash :(

oh my gosh play as fernando?!!! O.O! OMFG!

I presume you've already included yogurt as a power-up? xD

at the moment you find rancid pieces of squid and they give you health.

You have to include Gooseman's autotuned singing as his special attack, or I'll be very mad at you.

rpgmaker is pretty limited with audio, i'm not sure if thats possible.

I could help you with the music.. You say it's midi? No problem.. Give me some samples you might like to hear from me, and I will e-mail the results to you..

i'll see if i can dig some up.

Your banner of raptor Jesus looks like a penis.
It took me off guard for a second.

your penis has a strange shape to it

wait a damn minute i was the first to suggest to make a PI video game a year ago and you said probably not...

what the hell?

this is not a flash game,

plus, i'm not actually contributing anything to it other than the occasional idea.

I think it may be time for another Angry Dog episode my good man :)

i respectfully disagree my good man.



If you need some art then I'm your bitch ;>

Ok, sorry for the accusations :(

A game? I need to be here when it comes out or I will kill myself of unforgiveness. And playing as Fernando and Gooseman? A dream come true.

Id love to help i have experience with Rpg maker 2003 so please message me If you'd like some help id be glad to

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