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Sexual-Lobster's News

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - May 3rd, 2015

Hello beautiful Newgrounders,

I have started a patreon to try and enable me to keep animating my own projects.  I'll let my Patreon video do the talking.

Whatever I manage to make in the future, I'll keep posting to Newgrounds!


Posted by Sexual-Lobster - September 25th, 2014

Well hello there,

I have put together a compilation of much of my music from the last six years.

You can also stream it (more or less, i forgot to add a few tracks to the video) if you choose.

Some tracks that are already here on Newgrounds are in the album (albeit at a higher quality).  But most of it hasn't been uploaded anywhere before.


Posted by Sexual-Lobster - July 16th, 2014

I've started a comic writing collab where I do the art here.

I'll try to do one panel per day until it's done.  Come join in if you want.



Posted by Sexual-Lobster - May 1st, 2014

Howdy, Newgrounds.

I have some informative information for you about my new series: 


I'll have a new episode on the first day of every month for the next six months, and December 15.  Unless I stuff up and miss the deadlines.

This story follows a singer with boundless manly sexuality (Fernando) and his shifty business partner (Gooseman) as they struggle to transition from total unknowns to C-list celebrities. Will their new song be a hit? Will Fernando's fragrance catch on? Will they ever be able to afford a helicopter?

See you in June!


Posted by Sexual-Lobster - February 3rd, 2014

Watch Raw Latex 2

Although I love working on the Raw Latex series, this may be the last one.  The reason is that it takes me a solid month to animate an episode, so I can't afford to do it unless they are either funded or do extremely well.  The first episode did solidly but episode 2 has not, so at this point I'm pretty pessimistic about it continuing.  

This is probably not a suitable place to moan about this since whether the series succeeds or fails depends on its performance on youtube and not newgrounds, but youtube doesn't provide a blogging platform like newgrounds does heheh.

So, thanks for watching it so far.  Whether I'm working on more Raw Latex or not you can still expect a lot of stuff from me this year.


Posted by Sexual-Lobster - December 12th, 2013

I animated “Apple Shocking iPhone” for ADA Sport.  

It’s a pretty interesting cartoon.  It was written by Greg Grabianski and Mike from ADA Sport.  Apparently they used rancid food during the creative process.  A lot of people assume I wrote it but I didn’t, I did everything except the writing.

Btw I didn't choose the thumbnail, either.


Posted by Sexual-Lobster - July 18th, 2013

I recently finished a comic project that I started back in February.

It's called Ultimate Street Yacht Battle. <--REEEAAAADDDDD IIITTTT if you want.

It details Gooseman, Fernando and Randy's quest to buy a helicopter from a Russian arms dealer. It's 15 pages long and drawn all in pens (with minor digital touchups) on rather small A5 sheets.

I hope to animate it some day....but not soon!

Ultimate Street Yacht Battle

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - April 1st, 2013

Watch it!

At first I struggled to get the likenesses of the characters, but once I settled into it I really enjoyed making this one. I've always been a big DBZ fan - it's influence is pretty obvious if you look at the first couple of things I submitted here back in 2005.

So this is more of a fanfic/homage than a haha they're gay parody. If I do another one it would be fun to do some more action though, i DO like animating lasers.

At the moment I'm working on a music video featuring Fernando and Gooseman, but completely different from their usual pop electro.

DBZ - Proctology Academy

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - February 8th, 2013

OK NEVER MIND Tom assures me it will work. Now to publish it when the time is ripe.

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - January 14th, 2013


Space Walrus accompanies SPACE ADVENTURE LEGEND QUEST, a seven episode series I have made for the Happy Hour channel. Although I would like to upload it here, it has to remain on Youtube, but there will be another music video in a few weeks. Here is a link to Episode 1if you would like to watch it. New episodes will come out every Sunday.

Also, I will upload another music video called Rectal Computer in a few weeks. It is not set in space, that is all I will reveal at this time, but the title is quite revealing anyway, you can probably guess what its about.