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Comments (26)

I read it with the original voices in my head.

Damn those craps tables!

"I think not, my turtle dove."

i was weighing up having randy scream back "I AM NOBODY'S TURTLE!"

BEAUTIFUL ! COMICS ! Now That The Written ... Can Be Translated Into World Languages...
A Project Of Great Job ! Congrats !

thanks jafz.

Wonderful :)

I love the art styte like the overall color usage and shading is fantastic. I love how everything is just perfect seriously its extremely well done. I Can't wait to see more :)


Damn! great work man :D

i started a comic a weeks ago too, its funny to do but, as you say, animation is different xD

also y loved the randy's picture!

sorry i mean Gooseman's picture...

what happens to me ?? hahaha

Looks good! T'was a very nice read. *Sips tea, pinky out*


It's awesome! But . . .

Drawn in pen? You live a dangerous life, friend.

many fumes were breathed.

mmh so is not a naval fight with yachts instead of military boats...

nothing so pedestrian.

Whats wrong with you? how do you come up with this stuff? seriously. Laughed my ass off though.

Hi Chris, big fan.
Just wondering what your stance on transgender people is? Randy seems to be a rather unsympathetic portrayal.

Randy's first couple of appearances were unsympathetic, I'll admit. She comes from a collaborative comic jam, where every character is typically treated equally unsympathetically. That's not to say I am blameless in adapting these comics. I was less aware of gender issues at that time and I probably wouldn't animate her for the first time now. With all this in mind I have written her differently the last few times and in subsequent appearances. In the comic above she is competent, assertive, and fights bravely for the man she loves. Sure, she throws a used condom at her opponent, but all of my main characters would do that in her position.

Watching your characters over the years and rewatching the first season of China, IL. made me realize Steve Smith is basically the American version of Gooseman. Both are shade wearing sextronauts with no regard towards human lives and who's twisted perversions could make even the most stone cold pansexual cringe in disgust; their lust for violence and sex only capped by their confusing and often hypocritical beliefs.

Please disregard this message if you've never seen China, IL.

i have seen one episode. it was pretty good, but i don't remember the character you mention.

Wait a second... You're not a female!

This is pure gold! Just awesomeness! I knew youd finish the job with Fernando&Pals! It has it all, action, plot changes, technology, violence, trust and manly love! Crabs for you!

thanks, vitty.

dude you need to make an animated series for Adult Swim on Cartoon network, hell if you release the series on Blu Ray I'll buy it

I accidentally the fuher.

Hey when can we expect a sequel for your dbz parody??? I'm very eager to see it!

i wrote half a new one but i'm not sure how to end it, kinda ran out of material.

My nipples are rather erect (although not producing anything aside for odd stares in public) whenever I see new content from you. This is quite the treat and I tremendously appreciate you sharing this with us.

Would love to see what some collab work between you and the likes of Shadman or Oney/Stamper would amount to.

Also, are you a unicorn wizard?

Long time fan (First saw your stuff on albinoblacksheep before they went apeshit with theme changes).

why yes, yes i am a unicorn wizard.

im not against collab-ing, if the right project with good people came around i'd think about it.

Nice! You SHOULD animate it!

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