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Comments (15)

Have you checked out StoryShift by Evil-Dog?

just did then, their site is confusing though.


fuck yes

I'll do it.

Shouldn't you be making a cartoon?

i should be doing many things

Where are all of your older comics like the goosemans date one ? i cant seem to find them or im just stupid or both

the date one is still on here, in the art tab just above. my other old ones are still on my site, not my super super old ones though.

Hahaaa! Great idea!

Fernando is the Best Character ever... You should have some of those tracks on iTunes... Me and my Fiancé love "Vertical Seafood Taco". I love your work Sexual Lobster, keep em' coming. Cool comic strips btw.

i have plenty of music for download free on newgrounds, and i sell a few things from the series here also: http://sexualobster.bandcamp.com/

itunes sucks

Where do I comment to add to the story??

there should be a disqus thread down the bottom, but im working through some suggestions that will take me another few days to do at the moment.

You really are my hero man. You always submit such intricate, wonderful movies here, Flash movies too! It really shows how much entertainment and volume you can get, with such a small file :)

The comic looks great, better than I expected! Maybe someday I'll see it in print!

cheers. it will be an audiobook/video thing, not sure its a suitable format to print though.

Hey, I just watched your video about Youtube v. animators and ad revenue and it's fascinating stuff. As someone who's thinking of making a career out of animation, I can fully agree with what you're saying here. Personally, I think there should be a plan to help create more revenue and exposure to both upcoming and established animators on the internet.

I think we should help get Newgrounds more exposure to aspiring animators, established animators and the fans who watch them. This site has always been the pinnacle of creative content for me and I suspect a lot of people on the internet, so reinvigorating its notoriety is a good idea.

P.S. Have you ever thought of collaborating with Stamper and the other guys over at SleepyCabin? I feel like you'd fit right at home there.

yeh a resurgent newgrounds would be awesome for everyone.

i haven't, no. maybe some day?

Fucking youtube wizard science... Why must it seperate all of us from cold hard friction based fun?

I just saw your Animation on Youtube video, as well as read some comments and the things you had to say. And I just want to tell you, I respect the hell out of you, man. I really admire your commitment to not selling out. And I don't mean in the big literal way. It's the little things like not linking your merch everywhere or pleading for subscribers. You know, integrity. (Commenting here because I sill haven't given in o G+)


What with you doing all these projects involving Fernando and Gooseman, don't you ever feel burned out? I'd hate to see you despising these beloved characters because you equate them with endless hours of soul crushing tediousness.

I get burned out from animating, but not from these characters, no. It helps that I like them the most out of all of my characters. I did get a bit tired of animating them in the office, but the next few episodes will change the setting up a lot.

you should make another four horsemen episode.