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Apple cartoon.

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - December 12th, 2013

I animated “Apple Shocking iPhone” for ADA Sport.  

It’s a pretty interesting cartoon.  It was written by Greg Grabianski and Mike from ADA Sport.  Apparently they used rancid food during the creative process.  A lot of people assume I wrote it but I didn’t, I did everything except the writing.

Btw I didn't choose the thumbnail, either.


Comments (14)

Cool. And i own the 5C phone right now

I knew it was yours even though I didn't

I was curious why your name wasn't even in the contributions...seems almost as if its accredited solely to them. I almost thought it was stolen work at first.

they'll list me as "animator" when they get the thing working.

Sad to hear about the player. I tried watching but I only managed to get about half way through. Animation was smooth as always up til that point though :) Good to see a fellow Grifftafe graduate doing so well :D

grifftaaaaaaaaaafe unite!

Didn't really feel like yours, the writing explains it. Glad you clarified.

Amusing thing is I was first approached with this script but wussed out cos I couldn't picture how to do the 'crotch heads using cup phones whilst driving two seperate cars' bit, and you did it in the most cheap yet ingenious way possible. As well as putting your own lobstery spin on it.

heheh yeh i thought of redesigning a car first so that it had a windscreen in the middle instead of top and thought fuck this they can just have tall cars.

Seriously, what in the actual fuck is with the heads being on their crotches?

Mike from ADA was really keen for them to be crotch heads. they have a couple of other cartoons in this style.

Creatures uch as going to the bathroom? O.O ! I'm Shocked...
Well ... has planned something lately? I say ... It's almost Summer ! •-•

bro its been summer for almost three weeks keep up.

Ha I initially clicked the thumbnail because I thought someone was trying to rip off your art style.

Nice. How do you always have such smooth lines, lobby?

Hey... what are you trying to hide?
Seems your Australian how come you never animate budgies?
Most of your flash animations are so predictable!!!
But I did like that iCup video just admit you're an imposter when it comes to writing. ;D

When will Raw-Latex 2 be uploaded to NG? I saw it on your Youtube page!

no you didn't, you saw it on the happy hour channel.

Ahhhhhhh... Yes.... I am inaccurate.

Why have you sold your soul to Machinima and quit uploading to Newgrounds ='(