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Comments (35)

Fuck yeah! I loved the first one! Even if you don't go any further with this I'm glad you made one sequel!


Damn you Lobster! Why did you have to post the same day I posted! I'll never defeat Raw Latex 2 lmao.

Great Video.


When I read that letter you wrote me,
It made me mah, mah, mad.

Interesting ... They should manufacture them ! I buy them !
So far the best creation ! Luck in ''Episode 3'' !
I'm sure it will be in 2015 ! d:

cheers JAFZ.

That's a shame, I was really enjoying the series!


And since I haven't left a review in a long time, in part due to the fact that I would be repeating myself over and over again, let me just say that your output continues to be of outstandingly high quality and that I'm always looking forward to seeing your next work!


Kudos, as always, massive kudos!

thanks Vert!

You're going to leave the rest of your story untold?


Do a lazy thing and upload the rest of the series (one episode) as a storyboard april fools joke.

not a bad idea. i'd like to give people some kind of closure.

Are you not gonna bread the said

will your mandingo geo house fly among the upbeat fathers

will you get the time to move in the slice that tells your dreams

will you eat that Sandie

yes to all of the above

awesome i loved it xD will it continue?? btw when is a fernando animation gonna come out? :D

right now i don't know if it will continue. there definitely will be more fernando as i've got one that is half finished but i don't know when i'll get it done.

Stoked that you're back in action here on NG.
This series is tits, but I'm bummed that it might be the last.
I am, however, glad to hear that we're going to see a lot of stuff from you this year!


Damn, hope you don't give up on this one, in my opinion it's one of the best anime/cartoon stuff parodies here on NG, the thing about this episode was that it was not as funny as the first, and I'm sure you don't wanna Shrek it by making it "lose its magic" along the sequels, but you gotta think of what make your animations so funny, it's the short jokes, I mean, shit, in Wrong Number I lost count of how many jokes per second I heard so I was laughing like a madman for the whole movie, and the end of this episode was very similar to that with that pedoteamrocketguy, good luck man.

i was hoping the humour would gel with the drama but i dunno maybe they're too close together or something. anyway if i make more i will try and keep it funny.

just never cease you sexual lobster you

Which is why I want to get a job not related to making games. So that I can produce whatever I want whenever I want.
Will produce less, though, because of a job.

yeh that's what i used to do. i'm much happier now.

how difficult would it be to get it funded? websites should be fighting for a sponsorship deal with this series.

ha well thanks for saying that.

Ever thought of doing a kickstarter?
Shouldn't be too hard to convince your horde of throbbing fans to each chip in a dollar.

i have, but there's also a throbbing minority of viewers that go into full attack mode the second you ask for money, so i've got to think very carefully about kickstarting before doing it.

Damn I like this series.
But I understand your reasoning on discontinuing.
Either way I'm looking forward to your future projects.


what if you tried that Patreon thing? i would be more than happy to Patreonize you in exchange for more latex forehead strap-ons themed cartoons.

thanks but patreon strikes me as quite a long term commitment, i think id rather do a one off kickstarter for a specific project if anything.

Well, I am a bored Marketing major and would be willing to help write/create a marketing campaign to help alleviate the pangs of any indignant fans.

thanks for the offer. i think i should be ok though, i've been watching lots of mad men recently. i know advertising and marketing are different but i figure if i drink enough whiskey it will work out.

well keep us updated! i bet you'd be surprised at how much fan support you would have.

I loved the first one to the point where I actually knew every line in the video and occasionally reproduced them while walking on the street.
This one's great too, but from a creative standpoint I can see why it'd be hard to continue. The shock value from the first isn't as great in the second.

yeh true.

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