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If you sign up to Patreon, I'd fund you. It's a good idea man. Even one video every three months is no big deal. These Raw Latex videos are hilarious.


I agree with Manly-Chicken here, or you could try animating little sections in between your other toons. Either way, it's your decision and I'm glad you made at least one sequel. Looking forward to future content.


So that's it? Well it was a memorable series. The first episode got me laughting while the second was a bit hard to understand I had to rewatch the first one just to understand the humor. It was a bit dramatic like if I were watching Dragon Ball Z but it was fun to watch. fun fun fun ^_^

one of the things i love about DBZ is the juxtaposition of comedy and extreme tragedy. but even DBZ doesn't have it so close together as in RL2, so yeh i think that might have been one problem with it.

Would crowd funding like Pozzible be an option? Sorry if you already answered that question, I didn't read the comments, because I'm a lazy ass.

Any I'm pretty sure you'd have a lot of fans willing to contribute.

mmmaaybe, i m not certain enough people saw the second one to justify crowdfunding.

I beg you to continue:( Even if it's slowly, make it surely! Even if it is 1 episode in 3,4 months! I liked, shared your show's links thats all i can do right now.
And, in this last episode, I loved how she got angry and released his hate. Also, that final Boob-Push was so creative and awesome. Please dont drop it!

i would like to continue it, but yeh its going to be a long term thing, sorry.

I know this isnt the right topic but do you know someone who looks exactly like fernando irl? The detail on him suggests it.
Also, have you tried eating yoghurt with banana pieces? Its better than just yoghurt.

i eat this greek style yoghurt with banana and honey quite frequently, its got loads of protein in it.

no, no one irl, i tried to draw engelbert humperdink with a beard many years ago and kinda failed...but succeeded.

I thoroughly enjoy your animations, as your humour and my humour are very close to each other. Whatever you produce in the future, I shall watch it.


Your insanity in your animations sustains me. I completely understand why you are turned off from making a series though, they are difficult and time consuming. Regardless, your submissions are hilarious and beautifully random.


I still idolize you my prophet. I will make another Gooseman aviator glasses because I lost the one I made during college to some predatory moneylenders.

i'm sorry to hear that. i lost my ray ban aviators recently it pained me greatly.

In your latest animation Mad Ben, I heard a scream that sounds familiar. Ben's screaming from Curtis' screaming in Bubbles = same?

I have been telling my friends about RL2. Including a friend who happens to share a name with Fernando. He will take care of the rest.

I'm getting a little anxious concerning news regarding your older works. Do you plan on giving Great Destiny Man a return sometime?

Wow, your drawing style is almost identical to mine...
I never thought I would laugh at sexual jokes but every single video
of yours makes my day even when I'm busy with my depression and

I signed up just to say this...
farewell :DD

Your story: You were a young lobster buth then ate green sauce from tacobell that sauce mutated you into a guy with lobster powers and much sexuality!

Sorry to hear that - really enjoy your stuff - anything I can do to help you out , let me know.

Asking a stranger about money is rude ... but , Have you considered doing patreon/ would you possibly make your existing songs available via bandcamp - there are only 2 at the moment and I really want the ringtone from 'wrong number' :) .