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Comments (20)

Please tell me you're not leaving Newgrounds!

i am not leaving newgrounds.

You have a rectal computer too?! Well well well, small world!

is yours internet capable?

Pilot episode looks quite hedonisticaly swag man.
Run another news post on Sunday when it comes out... I'll be in my bunk.

oh the first one is out already, future ones are out every sunday.

Space sharks are whey cooler.

my walrus tends to avoid them whenever they come near.

Loved the music video. The episode on youtube is awesome as well, too bad I couldn't watch it on Newgrounds. This completely destroys the experience.
I feel filthy now.



Where did all of the Greasy Moose songs go? I can't listen to any of the oldies that I used to listen to in middle school and it burns my soul and penis.

yeh i took all the old stuff that im kinda embarrassed by down. but ive never deleted any from ngs, so some are still here. what do you want to listen to that old shit for?!

Got an ethernet cable plugged in.

You make sooooooooooo many animations so fast. How do.

do i though? this is the first thing i've uploaded in a while

No Brainer's question really has got me wondering how you animate so quickly, and more-over, your entire creative process in general. Would you ever consider taking us through it? Any brief tips and tricks you'd be able to spill now?

i guess working long hours is probably the biggest reason if there is one.

creative process is always different, although a lot of ideas come from comic jams with friends, if you have any drawing buddies try that maybe.

If the meat of a walrus is succulent and sweet....I wonder..what would a space walrus will taste like? :) -Licks her lips-

happily the only predator the space walrus faces is time....time, and space sharks.

sense.exe not found

Are you getting paid for this series you're doing for the happy hour channel?

*whispers in the left ear*

"I can see that you're jealous..."

I'll be it's newest predator!! :O Celestia, space poucher... rawr!!! :3 -gets out a Gatling gun that has ammo cartridges in the shape of balls-

Wondering, what adventures shall the Team Stallion face? Unspeakable, foreign planet horrors, I guess. Or maby there are new members joining in following episodes? Man, theres so much opportunities and dangers ahead! Just praying that the salty caress will keep the heroes safe.

i think their greatest enemy is boredom

Why a Walrus? I mean ... could be a gorilla
Very Good The Series
Space Adventure Quest Legend!!!

A down syndrome monkey shall be it's next predator.

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/jafz3d/zondor">http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/jafz3d/zond or</a>
AH! Got it! You ascend a short or Musical at this time!
And an episode of SPACE ADVENTURE QUEST LEGEND Sundays! Can it be?

nice zondor, man.

yup, three more space episodes to go, every sunday.

So ... Comes the second season?
I I read your comments in... Fill My Black Hole !
Tell me if I have reason Genius! HOHOHOOOOO!