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Posted by Sexual-Lobster - May 3rd, 2015

Hello beautiful Newgrounders,

I have started a patreon to try and enable me to keep animating my own projects.  I'll let my Patreon video do the talking.

Whatever I manage to make in the future, I'll keep posting to Newgrounds!


Comments (15)

Holy shit, 1000$ in less than 2 hours? Good job gentleman!

not really, i actually started it a few days ago when i uploaded my manatees video.

everything is angry


Your blog post doesn't have an actual link to your Patreon page... Update to add one! Also you should add on to your user links in the left column (where you got YouTube and Twitter)!

hnnng good suggestions, will do. Thanks for becoming a patron, Tom!

You are my favorite indie animating manwhore and had my money long before you even posted. <3

thanks man!

Heh....I Watched the Video Last Night.....At First I Thought that Your Type of Humor was kinda Unconventional, and that Kept Me Away from Watching Your Videos.....But After Seeing that Bit About Patreon, I've Changed My Mind......I Decided I'd Follow You (All Your Most Recent Stuff has been Not in this Category Mentioned Earlier, Keep it Up!)......And Maybe, when I get some More Money, I'll Patron You.....But Yeah. Good Luck, Man!


I'm truly thrilled for you, and not the least bit surprised that you've amassed that many contributions in such a short time. You're a legend with a cult following, and you've earned it and deserve even more than you're currently getting, both in dollars and recognition.

That said, I just hope you don't forget your roots and the platform and people who've showered you with adoration and helped make you the internet celebrity you've become.

Congratulations, and thank you for all of your absurd but wonderful cartoons and songs.

thanks khunt!

Your a sexual lobster, that must make me an "amorous crab" love your animations, don't stop. EVER.

I don't normally spend money on the internet, but when I do, it goes towards supporting Newgrounds animators.

I should start a tubgirl patreon.

It'll never keep you fed well, but know this Chris: The world as we know it, would've been a flame and bile filled cesspool of despair and misery, if it wasn't for your animations and genuine 1980's approved music. If only the world knew how ancient and treacherous your enemies are, and how swiftly you deal with them...

Once my legal affairs are cleaned up, I'll be able to wire you and yours a few bucks, at least enough to keep you in curry for a while, with enough left over for some organic yogurt, with your choice of 2 toppings.

cheers. good luck with your "legal affairs", that sounds ominous.

Me and my wife want more fernando

Normally I wouldn't link something like this, but good gravy, doesn't he look familiar?!

haha, nice. dogs & clothes, why do people do it?

Your patreon page is giving me a 404 error. it seems to not like the lower case letters. This one is working fine though: https://www.patreon.com/SexuaLobster

hmm they seem to have sorted it.

Big props on your foray into cookie clicker mindlessness, I've been playing Zombidle for... too long.
Kinda bummed there wasn't a video stream debuting this amazing collab between Canadia Land and Pleasure Island. As always, gold plated wishes and caviar dreams, if you'll excuse the mangled conceit.