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What, a new music video featuring Fernando and Gooseman? Oh FAP!!... I mean, oh snap... or is it oh fap after all???

But yeah, Toriyama's art style is a bit depective. There are dozens of people like Gogeta Jr or Beta on the web who are true pros at emulating his style, I for one suck massive monkey scorpion pinchers every time I dare to attempt it. I've also been trying to copy your style as well. On the other ahdn, I do love seeing DBZ characters in this slightly SexuaLobsterized manner!

i am hoping the new song and film will be most fap worthy.

as an animator i'm supposed to be able to match styles perfectly, but for this one i didn't want them too similar, i wanted them to be mostly toriyama but with a bit of me. i had a lot of trouble with bulma's eyes, actually. her irises and pupils are gigantic.

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Going through the comments, it seems like Gooseman is a big source of inspiration for you. Good. We like him, too.

I don't know what to tell you about project scope. My advice is to never abandon or throw away the ideas you have for Gooseman. Work on your skills as an animator and story teller. There's no guarantee that large projects will ever be easy, but they'll certainly get easier.

Big ideas force you to search for "their essence" in order to reduce their scope to something feasible.

"although i am disappointed that i am not the first to make vegeta a proctologist, i cannot be expected to know about parodies in languages I do not speak."

Aside from the fact that someone else on planet earth had the gonads (or colon, perhaps?) to make Vegeta a proctologist? Your responses to people's accusations seem to assume that this was at all a logical idea.

gooseman is not a source of inspiration, he's just an actor, but one who is inclined to action scenes. Pleasure Island 4 is an example of a massive project involving him that i started and finished.

your advice about project management is nice but after making 50 odd films i think i am aware of my limits. if i start an 8 minute action film i won't finish it, or it will take me a year and i'll hate it. when i'm ready for that commitment maybe i'll take it on.

I so forgot that you've been doing animations forever.

So used to having to give advice.

No one really wants to learn software development, you know? They just pretend to.

Sexuallobster, why i can't find any pictures of you? I wanna see the real man behind this madness

but but i use a picture of me for my avatar on this site.

Shit so you telling us that you dont even know if you are going to work on the sequel for the dbz parody???! Cmon man this is my personal favorite flash from you at least at the moment, sometimes I gotta get those music videos in my head though, they are epic at least the first 2 are anyways.

The art on the DBZ homage was spot on. I hope to see more of this!

I want a Great Destiny Man 3 @_@