The Perfect Latin Lover

2008-03-29 00:48:09 by Sexual-Lobster

I challenged myself to make an animation in 1 day, and although it spilled over into 2 because I had to go to the shops, it was a fun little side project.

Pleasure Island is still coming...eventually...also, I started my third year film project, it features Cliff and Herb (from Mooselove) grappling with social dynamics and deadly spiders in the office.


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2008-03-29 01:52:19

that was great


2008-03-29 03:56:05

funny shit


2008-03-29 04:19:50

hello boys
good luck
goodbye boys


2008-03-29 13:02:12

Welcome back Chris!

I had a bawling laugh at his Theme song, well done!

Ohhh yes speaking of songs, check out the three songs on my profile with "Mastermind" in the title - those are examples of ambients I've been putting together in Reason3. Let me know if they're so noob-ish that you can pick out default instruments right away.


2008-03-29 14:34:14

That was great for only 2 days of work!


2008-03-30 12:56:14

well that had great face expressions, and pretty damn funny... nice song... very smooth and hot. nice job chris!!

pleasure island, bring it on!!!


2008-03-30 14:51:23

Yes! I can't wait, I been waiting for a new Greasy Moose for so long. Just release anything, it will be great either way.


2008-04-03 17:00:19

Hey there, just a head's up that there's a channel in youtube featuring various animations of yours that I'm not sure if you've allowed them to use:

Anyway, love your flashes, the most consistently funny series that releases flashes with any sort of regularity. Cheers!


2008-06-03 15:23:01

It was pretty good, I prefer your crazy-ass long winded ones best.

Keep it up Chris, you're everything I aspire to be.


2008-06-15 14:11:21

You sir, have the greatest username ever.


2008-07-12 13:25:59

I like your name ''sexual-lobster'' HAAHAA!


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