Ep 2

2008-08-05 07:47:50 by Sexual-Lobster

Hey Ep 2 is up check it out!



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2008-08-05 10:03:28

very nice. i love how smooth looking your toons are man

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2008-08-06 08:31:57

Can't wait for the others, but there is something that I had been wondering about recently...

What happened to George's obscured metaphors (From the pilot episode)? They were great he he he.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i couldn't think of a relevant place to put that joke in with these ones, i liked that joke too hmm maybe i should have tried harder


2008-08-06 13:49:37

I really like this series, If I were you I'd try to keep it going further than six episodes.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

believe me i will! aniboom actually owns the eps though, so if they want more i'll be happy to oblige.


2008-08-06 13:56:19

Excelent work man!! Excpecting the next one all ready...


2008-08-06 14:13:34

saw it, sweet!


2008-08-08 11:25:42

I've allready seen both episodes and they're friggin hillarious! Keep up the good work man! by the way, I love the whole care-bear side plot.


2008-08-12 06:31:08

i said it in my review on the first episode - i subscribed !!! it rocks !


2008-08-12 14:32:13

Did you animate that in a week!? Or are the episodes already made?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

It takes me a bit over 3 weeks to make each episode. I'm currently half way through episode 6.


2008-08-12 19:12:23

I freaking love this series. Seriously, I think it is the only series on Newgrounds I can watch over and over again and never tire of it. I echo some of the previous posters in saying I hope you make more than just six. Just one question. Why are you taking so long to post Episode 3? It's already up on your site, and I love it, but the quality is reduced. When can we expect you to post it here in full quality?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

glad you like it! I thought I'd wait a while in between each to sustain interest in the series, I'm over a month away from finishing the full seven episodes. They'll all appear on Newgrounds in time.


2008-08-13 14:45:40

you are quite an artist. lol