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Angry Dog Episode 7!!

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - November 23rd, 2008

Finally I can upload Angry Dog Episode 7, yay!

Thanks everyone for watching, the series has gone down well and I hope there will be more Angry Dog in the future (though at this point there are none in the pipeline).

Aniboom sat on this for ages, I think because they were behind schedule with their 2008 competition, but they've released two other series since then and poor ole Angry Dog 7 was left by the wayside. Anyway here it is, it wouldn't hurt to watch Episode 6 - Lizard Dome again as this one picks up where that left off.

Angry Dog Episode 7!!

Comments (30)

Thats wonderful Chris and I must say it was worth the wait keep it up Chris your work is truely excellent :D

thanks glad you liked it!

That was brilliant. As always. I gave it a 5, unsurprisingly.

thanks v much!

do tell me what is next Chris I think pleasure Island would make a great series as it was epic the tranny guy the grease pits do tell me your ways sir ;3

I'm currently making a single episode pilot for Aniboom called Sentient Hat, I couldn't hazard a guess when it will appear on NG yet though. I HAVE started a Pleasure Island 2 but I put it aside as I needs to makes moneys so it will have to be my spare time project I think!



I've been watching your toons on greasymoose.com for over 4 years or so, ever since I saw the great weed drought of 03, and I'm glad that your skills have flourished and are put to maximum potential!

thanks a lot, that is a long time! keep coming back!

epic win my dear

thanks emanhattan!

Pretty sudden ending..

Dammit Chris! Stop being cheap with the action content! I wanted to see how he raped the tyrannosaurus... All the foreplay, no action, damn you!!!

shit man if you know how long i spent on that t-rex...

Who'd ever think the lizards would be so prone to camomile

i would just like to say, that i loved the series and that it was very cleverly written as opposed to a lot of the stuff that shows up on NG. I liked how even the little things were funny, and you have a good drawing style. So all in all i give the series a 9/10. You missed out on one point because i wanted it to be longer... Well i hope to see more great flashes from you(god that can sound wrong)


haha thanks simon, glad you liked it!

21 minutes not long enough!!!

YES!!! I haven't even checked it out yet, going to now =D

wasn't fair about the ending =(

I have now checked it out and it didn't disappoint. 5/5 10/10 is my score :)

glad you liked it!

how does that illistator thing work anyways man

how does it work? pretty straightforward, i just use the illustrator brush tool instead of the flash brush tool

Ahah! Illustrator! So that's how you get such clean beautiful lines... I shall bear that in mind. So aniboom didn't end up promoting this finale very much, but they did show it, didn't they? I hope things go better with the next one...

well they haven't released it on their site yet actually, they said they'd do it today

Ok, next time, use puppets for the action scenes and if people hates it you can kindly redirect them to my pm box, it's cool, I can take it, I'M A MAAAAAN!


finally i have been waiting for this forever :D ....now time to replace my old AD wallpaper...

(update, just watched it) haha great use of that opening house of squid joke with the lizards and limbs :D

Fun, but slightly anti-climatic, really. The whole series has been pretty much excellent, but the finale just didn't quite make it to sheer levels of brilhance of Legal Lobster or Lizard Dome. Still, thanks a bunch for making such a fine and funny comedic series! Cheers!

YES, you were telling to truth!

haha would i lie to you??

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