Elephants come and elephants go......(new flash!)

2009-02-19 00:41:23 by Sexual-Lobster

Hey guys,

Since you last heard from me I made an epic 5 minute film (not Angry Dog) for Aniboom.com which they haven't released and half of a sequel to Pleasure Island that I didn't finish. Mnawww.

But finally I have something new that I can actually show you: Don't Worry, Son. It's a story about a deranged scientist and his trusting son, hope you like it!

Elephants come and elephants go......(new  flash!)


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2009-02-19 00:42:32

i will like it

...a lot

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i hope you don't change your mind when you see it!


2009-02-19 00:46:16

I already fived this bitch... The legacy continues.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2009-02-19 00:52:24


Sexual-Lobster responds:



2009-02-19 01:31:12

wow, pretty cool! the end of 'dont warry son' scared me!
cant wait to see it


2009-02-19 02:22:12

i will be sorely disappointed if australia isn't exactly how i've pictured it, especially when all my opinions of it have been formed by your teachings.

diggin' that crazy new pseudonymoname of yours

Sexual-Lobster responds:

Rudiger Applethorpe isn't me, he's my voice-twin, and although we look and sound similar, he is a head taller and has a bright orange mullet.


2009-02-19 02:27:15

where in brisbane did you study?
if at all.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2009-02-19 02:43:11



Sexual-Lobster responds:

so, you're two people? well, glad you liked it guys.


2009-02-19 03:14:20

haha, awesome as usual

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2009-02-19 06:28:01

Something strange is going on... I look just like the son in this film... I'm worried dad.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

heh heh well keep your belt firmly buckled and stay away from scissors!!!


2009-02-19 07:00:26

Haha I knew you would come back to us Chris! I understand how busy you must have been, what with all that voting on my cartoons for the Tank Awards contest :X

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i agonised for months, i searched my soul and visited confession and whipped myself savagely for weeks... actually no i watched them all back to back the night i was asked to judge.


2009-02-19 10:17:48

I enjoyed that... a lot!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

glad you liked it, thanks for putting it on the front page!


2009-02-19 16:07:25

I love you as much as I can heterosexually

Sexual-Lobster responds:

there is a limit for all things, perhaps it's for the best...


2009-02-19 16:59:32

I loved that movie. Epic plot twist.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yes no one sees the end coming!


2009-02-19 19:01:05

Why can't I access the site? All I get is a error saying I have exceeded the maximum bandwidth. I would love to see the original comic for this!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

well my hosts reduced the amount of bandwidth allowed to a quarter of what it was without telling me, so the first thing I knew about it was when i saw the error message. it's back up for now (they charitably gave me some "emergency bandwidth") and you can see the comic if you click on "don't worry, son".


2009-02-19 20:19:40

It kicks ass!

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2009-02-19 21:51:45

Man, rather confusing but insanely awesome. Love how you just come up with this stuff. Awesome animation, and great fkn' voice acting and dialog. Wicked stuff.


2009-02-19 21:53:04

Oh yeah, also, "Angry Dog" needs a NG shirt. Make it happen.


2009-02-19 22:47:51

Best thing that I seen in 2009 so far.


2009-02-19 23:02:45

Hah, I love your style, and how every irrelevant and wierd line comes out so dramtical and overacted. Also, I'm surprised there where no lizards in this animation.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

you are right, reptiles were definitely under represented, i will have to amend that


2009-02-19 23:39:47

that made me lmfao so hard!

I showed it to my friends and now they think im gay

Sexual-Lobster responds:

what! pfft that means they're secretly gay.


2009-02-20 02:04:13

QCA has OP minimums of 4 now, with no portfolio review.
so i'll probably end up at QUT.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i heard they axed portfolios, but not that the op was so high! i think that's a crock of cock. i will be back there this year!


2009-02-20 05:43:02

Its great but your homepage got pretty broken - down, nothing seems to work anymore.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

its up now


2009-02-20 09:41:27

I liked that.. I liked that too much.. Now I am worried that I liked that too much.. but the title did say not to worry.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

that's true, worrying will shorten your life expectancy!


2009-02-20 13:16:21

I can tell you wanna be raped.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

sure, why not?


2009-02-21 03:08:04

you've got a rich library of fleshy orgas*hokk*organic sounds. while i wouldn't be surprised if you foley'd them yourself within the bowels of rob schneider's cuban cabana basement, dug deep into the earth where each sound can resonate wholly and freely off of the lard-slathered walls, as his agent keeps forgetting/retelling you that joke about the rabbi at the chinese restaurant. yes, you twiddle that fondue fork in your hands as you plot his demise - all in good time - while liam is skidding naked across the floor at 30 miles per hour holding a pair of halvened coconuts because YOU NEED THAT PERFECT SOUND for the .5 second sequence of a banana being peeled, i suspect that there may be some online resource (free perhaps?) of sounds that you use. do tell.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

haha i love that imagery, there's an awesome animation right there

well the freesound project is a good source but i do make most of them myself


2009-02-22 02:30:35

my god.

that would please women the world over.


2009-02-26 20:20:02

When I first watched this, I was like "wtf?!"

Then I watched it again.
And again.
Here I am now watching it a few times a day and I can't figure out why. It's even more addictive than the Narwhal song.

I don't know what you did (what subliminal messaging you put in), but the flash was awesome. I still can't figure out why it's so good. Maybe because...it just is.

If you continue this, then WOO. The music at the end when the son is an elephant- it's so enjoyable! I think I watch it through a lot just for that little sequence.

Where can I get that little part of music?
Thanks so much for making this flash! I keep saying "elephants come and elephants go" at random to my friends, and all of them are like
"dude...what the fuck are you talking about?!"
It's great. Awesome revenge against them for making fun of me.
Now I laugh at them- because they don't know one of the most awesome flashes of our era.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

glad you liked it! i don't know about era, how long is an era anyway? i made the music for the film and it doesn't go for any longer than what you hear sadly.


2009-02-28 20:14:01

I not randomly shout "My HEART, it SCREAMS for VENGENCE!" at school and around friends. Thank you, SL, thank you once again for more extremely quotable num-nums."

Sexual-Lobster responds:

haha glad you're getting good mileage out of it - my friend james thought up that line


2009-03-03 17:00:25

Quick question-

Are you ever going to update the Angry Dog series to be uncensored?

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2009-03-06 11:19:06

i read every single one of your comics after watching all of the angry dog... it took forever, and i laughed so hard i nearly shat myself.

all of your flash/comics have a very monty python feel to them. i love it

Sexual-Lobster responds:

woah that must have taken a while, we're up to 90 something now! glad you liked them!


2009-03-29 13:04:58

Please. More