Pleasure Island 2

2009-07-23 22:17:03 by Sexual-Lobster

My last submission was only a month ago, but here I am again, with Pleasure Island 2.

I've been working on this on and off since last October, so it was really only the last 10% which I had to do. The reason it took me so long was because I'd left all the boring stuff to the end - all the lip syncing and annoying things like shadows and the whip movement and stuff.

Some of you might remember Gooseman. He hasn't shown his face for 2 years, but now he's back and searching for the legendary Walrus Pit.

In other news, Q&A (an Australian TV show which plays a satirical video at the end of each show) has said they're going to play Parliament Deathmatch, but they haven't said when yet. The lady who contacted me told me they get between 500,000-600,000 viewers each week, which is pretty impressive if true!

My next project is called Great Destiny Man, it's about a swordsman who is totally full of himself. I'm keeping a progress blog (it's required for Uni), check in to see how it's going here.

Pleasure Island 2


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2009-07-23 22:43:46

The gorgeous animation and unique sound with just correctly absurd animation totally sold me on such an island... And the Walrus Pitt. It's easy to tell you changed your mind about certain directions of the film and generally didn't give a fuck about what was next, and it turns out to be brilliant.

Great twist ending.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

glad you liked it!

i wouldn't say i changed my mind so much as made it up as i went along!


2009-07-23 22:55:27

That was so utterly amazing, my mouth was open the whole time. No, honestly, REALLY amazing. Gooseman's return was simply, simply




I'm so lost for words, I'm not even capable of leaving a proper review, stunned as I am.

Anyway, I'm not sure how you manage to top yourself time and time again, but you do, consistently. I reckon that you are, currently, THE best artist releasing movies on NG with some regularity. Yep, even better than someone like Johnny Utah.

And I'm glad to hear that Deathmatch was accepted! It's not your finest work, but it's still miles ahead of most, so you deserve it. Heck, you deserve a lot more, like oodles of cash, adoring fans and rave reviews.


Sexual-Lobster responds:

hey, i agree! with your last sentiment anyway. thanks a lot!


2009-07-23 23:28:07

I love you.


2009-07-23 23:34:41

Was great up until the ending, seemed a little weak. Like, ok so he finally found the Walrus Pit, and then some whipping... then that's it. NO CLOSURE!!!?!? :(

I really like the opening and closing hand animation for the mutated fish thing.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i always find with hands you can just look at your own so you have the perfect reference right in front of you.

as for plot closure, i'm afraid it was banned from Pleasure Island in 2004. Anyone caught finishing a story in a satisfying manner gets whipped with the nail-encrusted dildo, or "Harold" as it is affectionately known.


2009-07-24 00:09:47

Dude, everything you make is a cinematic masterpiece. Someone needs to give you a show and a whole team of Korean animator slaves to do your twisted, dirty bidding 24/7.

I can't wait to see what you put out next.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i really couldn't agree with that more!


2009-07-24 00:10:45

It was quite delightful with the emphasis on, "wtf?"


2009-07-24 00:56:36

I was so happy to see gooseman back but I also miss fernando and hernando very much. Will they be coming back soon?
PS: Pleasure island 2 was EPIC

Sexual-Lobster responds:

hernando unfortunately will not - i don't have any scripts that include him that i'm thinking of doing AND my friend Tom who does Hernando's voice has moved to another city so sadly he will not return any time soon.

Fernando features prominently in the film I want to make at the start of next year. Whether I'll get to make it or not I'm not sure yet, but he will be back eventually.


2009-07-24 01:54:49

You are my god.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

then i command you to give me money!


2009-07-24 02:26:02

That was just a ridiculously funny movie; definitely adding you to favorite authors

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2009-07-24 02:32:51

Lmao I love the way you name your cartoons

The title almost never reveals what the cartoon will be about but YOU STILLKNOW it will be very seedy and silly and fun

Sexual-Lobster responds:

hmm that is true, i've never thought of it that way. i guess if i was to accurately title this i'd call it "gooseman searches for the walrus pit", but that's a boring title.


2009-07-24 03:23:59

Always amazing work, but careful being -too- random, otherwise I think you'll have some kind of hidden meaning.

Already gave my main review, but a wonderful and fun peace once again.

Just don't lose your voice with all that yelling!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yes i do see some films that are random with no purpose and i did wonder if Pleasure Island 2 would tread over that line...and perhaps it has...


2009-07-24 04:11:00

holy cow, gooseman is emoting somewhat. I WAIT IN GREASY PREPARATION.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

gooseman demonstrates an impressive range of emotions here. rage, surprise, contempt...actually that's about it.


2009-07-24 06:14:14

Yes! My aching thirst for more of your blood and sweat dripping work, has finally been cleansed! Just as I thought I would see the last remarks of Gooseman and keep having to replay the old episodes for the fourth or fifth hundred time each on this ancient MOS 6502; you had heard my cries of disparage and reappeared from down below the sweet cucumber growing soil. I thank you. Keep up the good work and those swf.s are turning out quite mighty fine in that progress blog of yours.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks polishmatt,
if i have my way Gooseman, along with Fernando, Mannie, and Sarah McCray will come back next year in an epic space quest...but then i'll only do it if i don't have enough employment to keep me busy so i kinda hope i'll get to make it and kinda hope i won't at the same time.


2009-07-24 09:26:51

Mr. Lobster,

Where's the walrus pit?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i'm sorry friend but you'll have to find it yourself. have you your heart?


2009-07-24 11:37:43

YEEEEESSSSSS, i love progress blogs!! :) And i know great destiny man will be awesome, just make sure it's gory ;)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i might have to disappoint you there, he fights three demons but i thought they might have blue or green blood, and i don't know that it will be all that gory.


2009-07-24 15:42:40 =es&q=chris+voigt&um=1&ie =UTF-8&ei=pA5qSsyBO4aUtgfc1YCUCw&
amp;sa=X&oi=image_result_group&am p;ct=title&resnum=4

Sexual-Lobster responds:

can you tell which one of those goons is me? actually it says "animator" so that makes it easy.


2009-07-24 17:47:26

yO, SuP biTCHE. dIS iS teHDe SHiTE. hE wANNa sTiCK hIS diCk iN yoU sHAhaHAA at4335i0 fb45,l;kI#$)DGM$)(It043ty43

Sexual-Lobster responds:

hi there.


2009-07-24 18:51:59

I gotta say. Gooseman looks suspiciously like John Lennon. Maybe he arrived on Pleasure Island after his death... Just maybe...

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i never saw john lennon with aviators...or with hair like gooseman's. actually, sorry, but i can't see it.


2009-07-25 02:31:50

it was terrific. best part of my day. except for the whole NG meet comiccon thing going on right now. this was the best part of my 20 minutes i've been home. excellent work.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

oh right, are you in the US then? enjoying your holiday?


2009-07-25 08:37:50

I just watched it... was that Goose Man? All those spleens in one easy to carry bag and he didn't take them? Wtf?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i don't think there's much of a market for tiger spleens outside of that one crazy scientist.


2009-07-25 16:41:06


You planned this didnt you

Sexual-Lobster responds:

hahaha yeh i noticed that too, no that was not planned it is just a beautiful coincidence.


2009-07-25 20:06:09

Who wouldn't LOVE your works, anyways? It's godly!

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2009-07-26 00:02:51

I, sir, found the Walrus Pit. It was epic.


2009-07-26 01:55:52

Thank you so incredibly much!!!!!!!!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

for the walruses? no problem


2009-07-26 10:41:06


Sexual-Lobster responds:

look deep inside you my friend, we all have a little walrus pit inside of all of us.


2009-07-26 16:16:01

always been in the US sadly. i enjoyed it verily, alas. it is over. i should vacation to pleasure island next to soothe my sorrows. with pain.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

for some reason i thought you lived in Sydney. i have no idea why though.


2009-07-26 23:39:29

It was enjoyably random and chaotic. Pure class man, with awesome drawings and some of the funniest random humor ever. I'll build a walrus pit someday just for you.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks! send me a photo of it


2009-07-27 01:18:49

doop dooroop doop doo dee doo

Sexual-Lobster responds:

skoobie doowah


2009-07-27 01:44:41

THERE'S ALWAYS A MARKET FOR TIGER SPLEENS!! ...It's called a Chinese restaurant.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i've had tiger spleen, its delicious.


2009-07-27 04:09:09

that's pretty bitchin'. i have no idea where you got that but now i'm really curious to what your mental image of me was like.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

hmm well i picture you with distinctive purple hair...that's all i got.


2009-07-27 12:37:09

God damm it you put out some gross shit. Please tell me you wernt born in Australia.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2009-07-27 18:53:19

fair enough.


2009-07-28 01:11:27

sequel post to my first post:
Any plans for Manny in the future?
Also I love the comic strips you do on your website will you be doing anything with the monkey scorpions in flash form?
Props to you!

(Updated ) Sexual-Lobster responds:

why thankyou sir, yes i think monkey scorpions would feature pretty heavily if there was a pleasure island 3

manny's in the thing i want to make next year...but again, not sure if it will happen or not.


2009-07-28 02:38:31

I live in Sydney!

(Updated ) Sexual-Lobster responds:

and a fine town it is.

i have to admit i've only been there once.


2009-07-28 21:18:27


Sexual-Lobster responds:

look harder...and deeper...


2009-07-29 13:36:13

I discovered the awe and wonder of australianimation while I was deployed in Iraq. You and the rest of your team at greasymoose are downright hilarious... if a little awkward at times.

If you ever need a musician versed in bitpop/classical/whatever..


Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks dude,
i checked out Beneath the Shadows, its awesome, i love bitpop!


2009-07-30 07:30:52

Man it's awesome! How do you make the lines so smooth?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i draw the key frames using the brush tool in illustrator.


2009-08-03 23:50:32

Congrats on the TV appearence. Also, WHERE'S THE WALRUS PIT?!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

well i haven't heard from them recently, i hope they are still going to play it.


2009-08-04 18:20:10

next to captain manlove, that unpleasant character of questionable sex is the best character you have created

Sexual-Lobster responds:

randy has a certain grace and charm about him, also his voice is fun to do. come to think of it, captain manlove would have a great time on pleasure island!


2009-08-04 18:21:20

hey there handsome

I heard you were looking fo the walrus pit. Pllllleaaaaaaaasssse dont whip it out of me!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

mmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhrrrrrr rr


2009-08-04 22:30:50


YOU yes YOU have made it on to the fantastical list of SHIT I WATCH HALF BAKED AT THREE IN THE MORNING! You should be very proud at such a marvelous achievement!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

this is a dream come true, i don't know what to say, i want to thank all the people who helped me get here.


2009-08-05 01:24:21

Personally I was glad to see Gooseman return, I've missed him.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

he's missed you too! he told me so.


2009-08-06 03:49:36

Well that just makes me happy in the pants.


2009-08-16 22:57:02

Truly one of my favorites of all time! I shall cherish it always. :)

But I must ask how can I have/listen to that song that was playing as he was falling from the sky/in the arena?! :O

I must have it!