Cat Stab

2010-03-28 01:54:06 by Sexual-Lobster

How are we all?

I recently took a break from animation and drew a comic called "Cat Stab". I put about as much as effort into it as I would a standard sized animation so do check it out because I'll be very sad if you don't and I hope you don't want to make me sad. It features Gooseman from Pleasure Island 2 and two other characters from my older films. I'm not sure many of you will remember Manny and Fernando, the last time they appeared was in 2007 in The Lizard Vortex.

I've got two animations in the pipeline at the moment. The first is tentatively called QandA with Raptor Jesus. It's another short for Q&A, a local panel show here in Australia that plays videos people send in on the end of their show. So far they've played Parliament Deathmatch and Captain Planet Strip Club, so I'm hoping they'll make room for me again. Captain Planet will be back and, as the title suggests, Raptor Jesus will also be on the panel.

The second animation is Pleasure Island 3. Like the first two I started it and then put it aside as work projects came up, but I solemnly pledge to at least finish the first half. When it's finished it will clock in at 5 or 6 minutes, so it's a pretty epic project.

Randy is lying dormant but his/her time will come.

Cat Stab


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2010-03-28 02:08:24

Is that your mother?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

my mother was a monitor lizard.


2010-03-28 02:22:28

What Hyrus said. Also, the background on the picture looks like it was from Great Destiny Man.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

well ACTUALLY the colours are quite different and no there is no reused art.


2010-03-28 02:34:40

That comic hit me in a deep way.

I was eating crackers, laughed at a panel and the stress caused the membrane between my ribcage and my to stain.

It hurt. So thanks for that.


2010-03-28 02:36:58

On a side note, I shouldn't comment after a 26er of vodka.

Sentence structure and spelling go right out the window. As does my standards in choosing sexual partners.

that lamp looked great though

Sexual-Lobster responds:

ha ha thanks Peatore! and I wish you a speedy recovery.


2010-03-28 02:49:51

God Damn it, give us credit. The Lizard Vortex is something I watch hourly every year, once a day, bi weekly.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

even on thursdays?


2010-03-28 03:40:23

I love the look on the cat's face when it gets thrown into the lava lamp! :D

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks boogs! i can call you boogs, right?


2010-03-28 03:50:07

Okay, did you kill off Robin? I miss his flawless Monologues and his drug-crazed antics... wasn't HE Fernando's roommate? Also, I remember seeing this Comic awhile ago... Glad to see it's finished, and BRING BACK ROBIN!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

robin is not dead, you may or may not have caught his last adventure: nandospecialty/01.html

some say that he and gooseman are the same person. but which one wears the wig?


2010-03-28 04:54:33


God I need a Sexual Lobster calendar.

Though I'd settle for a colander for my food.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

it occurs to me that clothes and assorted fashion accessories have been milked as far as a merchandising market goes, now COLANDERS there is an untapped goldmine. i would also consider releasing a unique range of Sexual Lobster can openers and eggbeaters. i need to collide heads with someone who can make this happen without effort on my part.


2010-03-28 04:57:19

"What a pussy", hilarious!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

glad you liked it kcnh. how do you pronounce your name?


2010-03-28 05:12:03

Yay, ur the best! Looking forward to more Captain Planet! good werk!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks, robain! captain planet will only have a bit part though


2010-03-28 06:50:23

god dammit fernando

Sexual-Lobster responds:

the carpet had it coming though


2010-03-28 07:57:33

once again i really applaud the novelty of including your own background music to your comics. in addition to the colour composition, you have completely invented and cemented your own stylistic identity to a degree i have not seen in web or any kind of comics, that anyone has done before. or would dare. or would even want to. the pussies.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

haha thanks sucho, just checked out your latest pics, looking awesome dude!


2010-03-28 07:59:46

Haha that was fucking hilarious! I loved the varied colour schemes throughout the frames too, a nice touch which made it visually interesting throughout. Lookin forward to the animations!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks jimp!


2010-03-28 08:23:32

Lol ! this look so funny


2010-03-28 08:33:29

Nice work dude, very cool. I hope to see more.


2010-03-28 08:49:44


Pi3 been waiting so long for.

i still want to make a game out of it you know.
and i will if you ever get the time in the future, but damn it we will make pleasure island the game!!!


Sexual-Lobster responds:

that would be fun, sounds like a shitload of work though


2010-03-28 08:51:35

I remember seeing Cat Stab when you first started it. I haven't finished it though, I guess now's the time then.

Also good to see that pretty face again, it just isn't a good day without Randy staring down your soul... or is he staring something ELSE down?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i stare into his cold black eyes for 15 minutes at the start of every day to get me psyched up for life.


2010-03-28 09:54:05

You are a fucking genius. I love that wicked sense of humour and randomness that you put in your works.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks v much!


2010-03-28 11:21:19

Cats as legal tender... I think you might just be on to something there. Hmmm... <strokes his beard thinking>.

Great comic btw, love the atmospheric lighting effects you put in and the <as usual> brilliant detailed facial expressions! You fill me with joy/repulsion/laughter/disgust/pleasu re/pain in a way that makes me feel comfortable/uncomfortable!

^_^ / T_T / 0_0

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i am proud to stimulate so much ambiguity!


2010-03-28 11:45:38

Why does your work always leave me asking questions?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

better to ask than to answer ive always said.


2010-03-28 12:33:39

What the fuck was that? Loved it.


2010-03-28 13:18:14

fuck yes Randy is the best, great comic too glad to see it finished

can't wait for pleasure island 3


2010-03-28 15:03:58

Holy shit... its like a drug trip every time lol. I'd buy your colander... though it may not be with... legal tender.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i am not sure how cats would work with overseas purchases. you'd have to ship the cats as well as the goods, i think it would get a bit smelly.


2010-03-28 19:03:57

thanks man. it always feels good when somebody looks at my dick(s)


2010-03-31 16:55:30

hmm i'll have to check out ur cat stab video manga fantasy.

Also on another note, your dad looks sexy in that bra.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

my brain still shorts out whenever i ponder the oxymoron that is video manga fantasy.


2010-04-02 23:51:01

Awesome, good to see more work from you even if it's not animated. Just by adding the music, it felt like it was business as usual. Keep up the good work man, I look forward to your upcoming works, especially the Captain Planet one; seeing him hilariously scruffy and errr um...fully in "letting himself the max!" mode was genius. All the best.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks, dude. CP will not be holding himself back in this one either.


2010-04-18 21:06:38

Great job, excellent drawings, the music was entertaining and fit the video justly. Thanks for the beautiful piece of work. I expected nothing less.(:

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks saverinator!


2010-04-25 21:41:17

I love you as much as a man can love another man who makes awesome animated shorts on the internet.

Keep putting out the gold, man. I hope you win another movie of the month,

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks hamelin!


2010-04-26 23:38:06

In regards to inferring you are racist towards are melon brethren,

I apologize, I did not truly understand the back story of Ragemelon. I seen him in a completely out of context light. The name Ragemelon brought me back to a dark time, where melons everywhere were being prosecuted and discriminated against. One of the stereotypes that ignorant men spread was of the melons being an angry hateful race. I see now that I was ignorant myself in profiling you as a melonist.

Ragemelon's story of rising above the trails and challenges his kind face is a beautiful tale that must be spread.

Sincere apologies,

Sexual-Lobster responds:

the melons have come a long way since those dark times, they now walk among us with little to no fear of being smashed or cleanly cut and eaten.


2010-04-26 23:42:01

I remember when Organ Merchant was on the front page. It was the day I thought "Sexual Lobster and Greasy Moose is awesome."

Sexual-Lobster responds:

wow you have a good memory, i can barely remember back that far. was the internet even invented back then?


2010-04-27 17:58:21

Do I even have to say something at this point? Honestly?


Sexual-Lobster responds:

you could say "I accept Raptor Jesus as my lord and savior amen."


2010-04-27 22:26:44

Will their be any pits(perhaps containing walruses) in pleasure island 3?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

wweeeeeeeelllll there is certainly a walrus-like creature, but whether the walrus pit itself will make an appearance i am not sure yet.


2010-04-28 20:19:09

Yeah! Pleasure Island!


2010-04-28 20:44:19

Your squid picture under LATEST ART is now my background. Thanks. :)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

no problem
how come i was never scouted? i don't get how the system works.


2010-04-29 10:51:37

In order to get scouted you need 4 art pieces, btw.

Anyways I'm stoked for Pleasure Island 3. Randy is overdue for some ass kicking.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

aaah so that's why, thanks for that.
actually randy gets totally caned, you may even feel bad for him.


2010-04-30 07:40:50

your cartoones are sooo funny your genius xD

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2010-04-30 12:53:31

oh ,


2010-05-02 05:27:44

About that Q&A with Raptor Jesus, you should know that if you make people laugh and then feel disgusted, it feels pretty uncomfortable.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2010-05-03 14:55:36



2010-05-03 23:34:16

You know what Voigt, i miss Gooseman, Fernando, Hernando, Manny, Robin, Putty, the McKray sisters, Tony and Horseman. You need to do one long 18 part cartoon-movie extravaganza where they all meet some sort of gruesome demise so that you tie out any loose ends. It needs to include Cats, squid, ducks/goosi (plural for goose), crabs and lots and lots of lots of drugs.

Comic was cool too.