Glorious freedom...

2007-11-09 09:20:31 by Sexual-Lobster

Holidays! Woo!

Ooooh yeh...


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2007-11-12 21:58:57

thats great man !... i don't have holidays until december now... hey!!! when can one expect your next flash? house of squid 2, right? house of squid 1 is one of my favorite flash movies .. and the seedy house mp3, i downloaded that fing the minute i knew it was on the portal. anyways good luck wid'you, your work is great and i hope to see that flash soon!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks dude, nice of you to say. btw, most of the songs in the flashes are free to download from Sadly I postponed House of Squid 2, though I'm gonna start on it in a few weeks. In the mean time I'm working on a new Horseman toon, should have it done soon hopefully!


2007-11-13 20:51:54

stay high


2007-11-24 01:10:14

your awesome!


2008-09-21 06:59:58

Keep those coming flashes coming fellow Australian.