Australian election: Censorship.

2010-08-21 18:44:22 by Sexual-Lobster

Although for a while I was bragging about being a prophet because the events depicted in Parliament Deathmatch more or less came to pass, I wasn't prepared to put any sort of prediction in writing before yesterday's election. But I actually thought a narrow Labor victory was likely.

It looks as though there will be a hung parliament but at the moment the Coalition has two more confirmed seats and has actually won the popular vote. It appears that there was large swing against Labor amongst younger voters on the issue of internet censorship, and since it came so close to winning in so many seats, its not unreasonable to say that they might have gotten over the line in a few more seats and therefore had a greater chance of forming a minority government if it wasn't for their plans to censor the internet.

So i'm confident we've escaped that noose, for a few more years anyway.


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2010-08-21 18:52:34

Hopefully, the Australian will realize that the internet is not the property of any person, state, or group and get on to more important issues.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2010-08-21 18:53:11

^ Australian Government I meant.


2010-08-21 18:56:27

Oh yeah.. Shit. You are kind of a prophet.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

if labor form a minority government i may still be right about this one!

but if not i don't really care. a pox on both their houses.


2010-08-21 19:23:22

Also broadband plans won't work either because the speed will always be limited to the server speed of the actual website you are visiting.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

our speeds are so poor atm that there is a lot of room to improve, plus server speeds will increase over time.


2010-08-21 19:24:01

If your that sick of australia then move to England or the United States?

The australian babes must be really hot if your not going anywhere.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i'm not sick of australia at all! and rereading what i've written i'm not sure how you can get the impression that i'm sick of living here. i just take issue with internet censorship, but that is just one small element of daily life.


2010-08-21 19:35:08

If the Liberals manage to get in, I'm moving to someplace very far away.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

which particular policy of theirs would cause you to do that?


2010-08-21 19:43:38

Actually, given some thought, if any party get's in I'm moving.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

wow, you sound disillusioned!


2010-08-21 19:58:29

Oh, I think I see the position you are in now. Sorry for misunderstanding! :(


2010-08-21 20:33:14

Have they still not sorted out that bloody R18 rating debate yet?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yup, that's still going, i think they recently decided they'd have a 12 month review of what constitutes restricted content.


2010-08-21 20:34:35


Sexual-Lobster responds:

i don't watch the commercial channels so i haven't been too exposed, but apparently this was an incredibly low spending advertising campaign from both parties.


2010-08-21 20:45:09

I just hope that one day we will have a beautiful Australia with faster internet, no censorship, R18+ video game ratings and no idiots in charge (specifically referring to Tony Abbott.)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

at least there is recognition from both sides that the internet infrastructure is crap here, so no matter who wins there will be *some* improvement. can't be too positive about the other things.


2010-08-21 21:26:49

so Mr prophet...

what does the future hold for me as being the 3D animator i am?
(haven't submitted animations yet =P)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

success and $$$!!!!


2010-08-21 21:42:29

if they censor the internet, i think the backlash will create a starved breed of aussie delinquents that will go mad from their jaded desires going un-placated by the web and create their own REAL PLEASURE ISLAND

so there's always that to look forward to.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

ugh...jrr...i didn't consider this. perhaps draconian net censorship is the best thing that could happen?!

one upshot is that there would be a huge spike in demand for just-shy-of-illegal entertainment, a demand i would only be too happy to supply...


2010-08-21 22:02:50

To me it came down to who I hated the least (which was Liberal). However I am almost certain Labor will end up winning just because Gillard is a "woman". Load of shit.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i've heard that a lot, i think for a lot of people it was the same, but there's always a third option (the greens)


2010-08-21 22:42:30

Hi I'm thundaboom I'm really dumb sorry!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

now now


2010-08-21 23:28:02

Talk is cheap when you can make an animation about it and end up predicting a slightly obvious future.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i'm not actually sure what you mean by that


2010-08-21 23:46:56

you should make more cartoons with a sexual lobster

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i made that series for aniboom, who actually owns those characters, so if i made more i wouldn't own the product.


2010-08-21 23:55:51

ahh Australia a land of sexual splendor and political intrigue

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i am easily the most sexual thing in this country, just wanna put that out there.


2010-08-22 00:12:58

Censorship is for deranged pussies! Plus, I would miss one of my favorite artists on NG. Without you, I'm lost.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

haha don't worry even if it was made law newgrounds would not be on the blacklist.

and it would have been easy to get around anyway. the biggest problem i had with it was the power it would give the government, and that they would increase restrictions in the future. someone like me who owns a website might have eventually been required to have an R18+ disclaimer on my site and pay the government a fee just to own a website.


2010-08-22 00:49:48



2010-08-22 00:56:33



2010-08-22 01:57:24

Ohhhh, so that's why there was such a swing.

Still, if Tony Abbot got Prime Minister, I would scream. Or think about screaming. For a few seconds.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

it was only one small factor in the swing
i'm just saying that, given that it was SO close, if labor had had a stronger youth vote it might have made the difference.


2010-08-22 02:31:29

I had to larf at the guy who said "no idiots in charge". So how do you propose we exterminate politicians?


2010-08-22 04:02:07

Escaped that noose, maybe, but you're still stuck in a socialist nanny-state.

Aren't there any men in the UK/Australia?

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2010-08-22 04:40:18

Socialism > Capitalism anytime just like Europe>America...

and for those americans who don't believe me, try living in a 3rd world country... oh no, you already do!

on the issue of australian politics, do they really have to put something on the barbie at every voting station or is that just the bbc fucking with our minds :S....

also L4D australian version sucks balls XD

Sexual-Lobster responds:

several sausage sizzles took place, yes. it's probably compulsory.


2010-08-22 06:33:07

Voted for the Sex Party yet?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i preferenced them pretty highly.


2010-08-22 07:25:59

I honestly don't care who wins the election. Both are completely unremarkable in every way.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

a lot of people say that, but there is quite a lot of difference between them, for example on the issue of internet censorship.


2010-08-22 07:50:48

I voted for the Sex Party.
I actually read their policies and agreed with them.... also sex is awesome and gooey.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

the rise of the minor parties has begun! i haven't heard how they went yet though.


2010-08-22 08:31:36

I'm rather happy about the increase of Greens in the upperhouse that can now have an impact on any new legislation, but apart from that I've lost the energy to care- for the weeks leading up to it I got all my news from Al Jazeera so I could hear about something else apart from the election. Everything was about kissing babies and smear campaigns as opposed to actual policies. I think Tony Abbot's lack of competence is more significant than how often he plays sport with some schoolkids.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yeh, i totally lost interest around week 2, it was only election day that i started paying attention again. i don't watch much tv so i wasn't exposed in the mean time.


2010-08-22 12:53:11

Yeah.. that kinda sucks. I hope they lift the censorship for you guys soon. but I got 2 questions for you...

1. IF the censorship lifts, does that mean we would be seeing more randy then we would like?

2. Where in fact IS the walrus pit?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

they haven't imposed censorship at this point, they planned to though.

2. look deep inside your heart, there's a little walrus pit inside every one of us.


2010-08-22 16:34:08

"Sexual-Lobster responds: look deep inside your heart, there's a little walrus pit inside every one of us."

Errrr... there is a walrus pit inside my heart?!...

Is that terminal?...

Sexual-Lobster responds:

its more of a metaphorical pit, a gaping whole of nothingness that needs to be filled by walruses, only walruses are a metphor for whatever you decide. money, ham, etc.


2010-08-22 18:59:51

sounds good bro


2010-08-23 00:18:46


so isn't it dangerous for you to send out those pleasure island flash shows or do you just slip by security or something? cause i love the pleasure island videos

Sexual-Lobster responds:

all of my animating is conducted within the confines of a large cardboard box hidden in safe place! i live in constant fear!

no as i understand it the censorship would have applied to stuff that is refused classification by the ratings board, so it would have to be pretty nasty stuff. the problem i have with it is that the level of censorship, plus the monitoring on individuals, could be easily increased. i just hate the idea of federal employees having the power to monitor my browser history.

so even if it was made law, the pleasure island series wouldn't be nearly bad enough.


2010-08-23 02:54:27

if the filter does pass would you make an animation with all the things the filter is supposed to ban? Eg. Gore, sex etc.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

heheh i think it would just mean that not many people inside of australia would see it and everyone outside of australia would be bewildered and possibly appalled.


2010-08-23 04:27:24

could someone just build a machine that kills anyone who tries to censor the internet? i think we can all agree on having one of those.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

but what if the people who build the machine decide they want to kill someone else?


2010-08-23 07:30:53

1/6 people threw the ballots in blank.. thats why its so fucked up... there both bullshit so people are just like fuck it.. im voting for ya mum!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

it was 6%, not 1 in 6, but that is still considered very high.


2010-08-25 12:53:01

It is really great how you respond to every single comment. It really shows that you are committed to your fans!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i guess with this post i wanted to start a discussion - probably a lot of posters here aren't fans.


2010-08-25 12:53:29

(And your politics!)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i'm passionate about this issue, thats for sure. as for the rest of politics, i treat it like the real life soap opera it is, my interest fades in and out.


2010-08-27 16:19:24

It seems that the past Australian government had too much pride and insecurity. They actually banned The Simpsons episode where they go to Australia and they removed the Aboriginal article on Encyclopedia Dramatica. What's their problem? Why aare they banning such insignificant things with no real direct influence on the government? I heard even Steam was banned from there. Why?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

are you certain those things are true?

i've seen that episode on tv numerous times, and they don't actually have the ability to ban internet pages as it stands now, they TRIED to have it taken down. i've been to it as well.


2010-08-27 18:02:36

I heard that Steam wasn't allowed. To be exact, I was told that Google had it directly taken down by orders of the Australian government. Don't they also have a big web-filtering proxy designed to take down these kinds of things. It slows down web traffic, so that probably correlates to the problem of a slow Internet.


2010-08-27 18:03:19

As for the Simpsons episode, I just remembered it was removed when it first aired. Guess they lifted that by now.


2010-08-27 23:40:01

I wanted to act like I don't understand this, so you can make something in regards on how American's dont know anything about Australia. However, I totally see where your coming from. (Australia of course)


2010-08-29 17:37:03

It was stupid of them to ban Manhunt as well.


2010-09-15 10:31:24

Britain and Australia under Coalition governments! I sense a fell wind...


2010-09-16 14:10:09

you should celebrate by making a dirty dirty angry dog animation

Sexual-Lobster responds:

no one has yet proved rule 34 correct for angry dog. it may just have to be me.