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Dance of the Manwhore

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - November 28th, 2010

Dance of the Manwhore

Back in May I came up with the first verse of this song but couldn't think of anything else for it. I put the call out here and on my forum to help write the rest.

To me it is not rap or trance but manly poetry captured and beaten, then welded in place by sweaty, hairy wrists.

So thankyou Ultius and SPace, the two Newgrounders whose contributions I used, and thanks to everyone else who contributed, there was a lot of stuff that I wanted to use in the song but was too many or few syllables.

To those who are afraid that their manliness will be assaulted, don't worry, Fernando will hand you back your free will once the video has looped several times. And to those who expected Pleasure Island 4, this is Pleasure Island 4. This is what happens directly after the credits roll.

Also, if anyone wants to see more Raptor Jesus related adventures, I've started a comic called The Velocirapture that is all about his return to Earth.

Dance of the Manwhore

Comments (54)

Why is the "d" in called part of the link?

fat fingers?

Love it dude, I just love it. I like the part about the stew :3 is that wierd?

nothing is weird any more, we are living in a post weird era, and Fernando is king of all manwhores.

did my previous comment get deleted? oh well, i like the stew part! and all the dinosaur references! :3

Man that bled of pure excellence.


PFFT what a pussy. Get It? HAHAHA

The song goes to my mp3 XD

i managed to entirely keep cats out of it, but it was hard.

There's a reason why it's snowing in England right now.

is it because water in the atmosphere is cooled below freezing temperature? no? is it....because of fernando?

this is great. i love your cartoons and am in glee whenever i see a submission. the part that made me crack up was when Fernando said his father didn't love him and started crying in an awkward silence. again , great job =]


you should post the lyrics. i love them.

Love as large as brontosaurus
Passion like a bleeding walrus
Our love is real it's no mirage
Want to lock you in my garage

Climb upon my trusty steed
Later you will taste my seed
This heart of mine is yours to capture
From now until velocirapture

I wield my passion like an axe
It's warm and gooey just like wax
You cannot tame such juicy lust,
can you withstand my manly musk?

Roses are red, violets are blue
I must eat yogurt off of you
Know that I can never hold back - ocean/rocks
That might be why I smoke the crack

My father never loved me..

Love is like a ripened squid,
It stinks with limp appendages.
You scratch the rash that's on my ass,
The itch only love can surpass.

Yogurt is a dish best served chilled
Forgot to get my prescription filled.
Tonight I will have sex with you,
Then we will prepare a stew.

So just lie down and let me touch,
I promise you it won't hurt much
Stalk like a lizard of the night
Come closer, Fernando won't bite

Tears and screams of pain and pleasure
Are gifts we will share forever
Drenched deep in sweaty brine
is this blood yours or mine?

I need someone like this in my life. The perfection is...too much...walrus grease...

my father never loved me...................WHY DADDY?????????????

it's because you smell bad.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthat was just wonderful.


Haha man, keep it up

Now I wanna prepare a stew...

make sure it is thick and poisonous

Your comic "The Velocirapture", it really portrays Raptor Jesus' bad side more so than his good side. Raptor Jesus was only supposed to devour those who were enemies to the "Lulz", yet you had him eating the livers of every person he met. Similarly, wouldnt Raptor Jesus take Gooseman to the promised land? Instead of engaging in an epic battle with him?
But your flash Dance of the Manwhore wsa pretty good.

raptor jesus is a force of pure liver eating evil in the comic. its quite different from the meme pictures, with the lolz and so on.

No pleasure island 4 = No watching

I just realized after watching Pi3 again, did you use 3D in the crab shack scene?
i mean i looked so well defined and was wondering who made that you or a friend?

anyways cheers!

yes chris russell, a friend from uni, made it. his site is spedanimation.com

That was disturbingly good haha

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This is just a thought.. But you could've made the subtitles black, so i could see it :(

i could have done a lot of things

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