Entry #1

Mmmm probe

2007-07-22 09:47:38 by Sexual-Lobster

Firstly, I think it's awesome that NG has included my "Red Ball" flash in the Bytesize window. Thanks NG! Hope it stands up to the other ones!

Anyhoo, I've just been on holidays for the last month, back to uni day after tomorrow. I am currently looking for work, so a combination of holiday plus having no job means my mind has existed in a realm resembling the twilight zone this past month, and it's been awesome apart from the germs that have dared to plague my immune system during this time of hedonistic revelry. Other news: the guy across the road ploughed into my car the ONE TIME i parked it on the street, so I currently have no car as it is busy having it's rear passenger door replaced.

I sense the indifference out there, so here's where I am with flash: I have been working on short action bits for a new animation about Fernando, but, frustrated with the slow pace of this project, I have started something else with much simpler character designs in the hope that I can explore movement more without having to worry about spending hours on making sure the keyframes are just so. Looking beyond these two projects and the next few months, at this point I hope to make a House of Squid 2 flash. Uni will of course attempt to rape my schedule, and I will of course fight it and my grades will suffer, such is life.

The pic is me at my girlfriend's 19th, apparently I found the hat and went with it.

Party woo!

Mmmm probe


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2007-07-22 11:10:35

You look kinda gay. ARE YOU GAY!?
I know you said "at my girlfriend's 19th" but that can mean anything.

(Updated ) Sexual-Lobster responds:

i'm not gay, but if i was as drunk now as i was then i would totally fuck you, you sound hot.


2007-07-22 12:48:56

You better rack up some hardcore flash to stay number one on my favourates.

Cool post anywho.


2007-07-22 13:36:08

Well it's pretty orgasmic that you're making a house of squid dos. And, believe me your red ball clip is much better than some of the other crap on that.


2007-07-22 14:52:06

Shit never realised you were Aussie... that is all.


2007-07-22 15:12:20

Nice hat =D


2007-07-22 19:53:36

I saw that lttle cartton thing you made on homepage,It was really FUNNY!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks! it was a real prank we played on my dog, we felt pretty bad afterwards, well i did anyway.


2007-07-25 17:56:42

I've been watching your flashes since about the beginning of when you started doing the animations. Quickly having become my favorite flash artist, I have just one thing to say to you.

F--k you!
F--k you for being funnier than I am!
I shall repay you for this injustice, I swear...!

P.S. Hope to see your next flash soon.


2007-07-28 18:15:03

Hey, love the flashes. Space Duck is way up there for me.

I got the music off your site and it reminds me a bit of Mike Oldfeild, who is kickass.

Can't wait for more stuff.


2007-07-28 18:21:28

Your Bytesize submission was the funniest out of all of them!


2007-07-28 19:55:00

omg that was the fucking funniest thing i have ever seen in my life other than the one ng byte of the banana and the old man when he is walking and gets SHOT!! now that is fucking funny but yours is also awesome


2007-08-01 04:17:55

ROTFFLMFAOSMWL that dog clip was so f**king funny! MORE! MORE!


2007-08-07 01:49:50

dude that red ball animation rocks! lol i dunno why but i keep watching it on the frontpage, it's real fuinny. Kepp it up. gonna check out some of your movies now =)


2007-08-07 04:40:11

nice locks man XD


2007-08-07 13:59:09

ok. I just wanted to tell you that your "Red Ball" skit made me crack up laughing. Was not expecting that ending. Congrats on getting it in the frontpage mini window! It's my favorite in there. :D


2007-08-07 20:04:18

I have a few points to make:
1) Don't underestimate sod's law, never park your car in the street if you don't already.
2) Fernando makes me wet, cant wait for that if its ever out.
3) House of squid makes also makes me wet. A second house of squid will make me wetter.
4) Nice 'tash, it suits the dreads and tin foil hat.
5) Sexual lobster is the only crustacean i would allow in my already wet pants... though not having a vagina its a mystery how the moist area around my groin came to be... Only time will tell.


2007-08-17 20:28:55

I remember seeing that cartoon the day of the site revamp, and thinking it was the best one there. Good work on that

Oh and you look like a jackass in that hat :)


2007-08-17 21:15:52

Your Red ball flash was the reason I came on here. Thats a good story because we all have other things to worry about then school.


2007-08-29 13:00:36

your songs and movies are realy good i hope u keep makeing more of tham


2007-09-12 10:54:57

Hey man, where IS the "red ball" flash? was the part thats on the front page all of it? i dont see it on your acc anywhere

Sexual-Lobster responds:

that's all there is, its just the simple tale of two guys conspiring to hurt a small, trusting dog.


2007-09-15 02:12:41

I know we can download songs by greasy moose on your myspace , but have you guys recorded a disc? i would totally buy it , my penis is evil being my favorite song so far

Sexual-Lobster responds:

check out mp3s.greasymoose.com, all the songs are available there. i wouldn't think about recording an album unless i was going to hire out better equipment and make a proper quality recording, the stuff we've made has mostly been done with cheap equipment in my house. it's great you like the songs enough to think about buying them though, thanks a lot!


2007-10-03 18:05:39

That is one shleek looking goatee you have there, my son...


2007-10-26 00:18:01

whats with the rainbows?


2008-09-19 00:45:38

You look real Aussie in that picture.