The Horseman Show

2007-12-09 03:57:09 by Sexual-Lobster

It's been over three and a half months since my last submission to NG!!! It's been a busy period but I've finally finished The Horseman Show. It started out as an assignment for Uni but I kept adding to it, partly so that it made more sense, and partly because it was a fun project to work on. At the very least I learnt a lot about lip syncing while making this so if nothing else it was worthwhile for that.


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2007-12-09 06:16:23

it would have been cool if it was just a real horse hosting the show.


2007-12-09 06:44:51

The lip syncing was the coolest part. The horse mouth not only synced up, but looked badass too. It was all very weird, which is great. I just want to see more of Horseman in the future.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks, part of the reason i put so much effort into the lip syncing was because Horseman's mouth was fun to animate. not that many people watched it though, if Horseman comes back it won't be for a while.


2007-12-09 07:28:16

i fucking love you, and your toons!

ever going to do another house of squid toon?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks! i sure am, gonna start it in a few days time


2007-12-09 11:35:29

ever considered a horseman vs hernando talk-show-off? they are both big fellas and perhaps sort of maybe look like they have gay-rapist tendancies. But who am I to suggest plots - seriously your work is awsome! When are you going to get back to bullying manny?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i think i've probably filled my quota of talk show parodies (3 so far), but Manny will definitely be returning, with or without his organs i cannot say...


2007-12-09 14:34:17

damn man the horseman toon was awesome! are you thinking of making another house of squid? the original was awesome.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

glad you like it! i'm going to start a new house of squid toon rrreaaalll soon, it's been too long


2007-12-09 21:33:26

Yea baby, keep it up.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

oh yyeeeehh you know it


2007-12-10 02:17:05

Absolutely amazing, Mr. Lobster!!! I loved it, every second of it! That is some really, really superb lip synching!!! Don't get too offended if I rip off your technique, har har har... jk, I wouldn't do that!

...or WOULD I????

PEACE OUT!!!!!!!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks, and thats ok, but there are plenty of better lip sync artists out there to rip off!


2007-12-12 01:04:04

ever going to do another house of squid toon?
"i sure am, gonna start it in a few days time"

sweet! are you gonna reuse old comics or lead in with new ones?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

my friends have kindly done voices for a whole bunch of them, i'm going to start with an older one but hopefully i'll get time to do the newer ones too. just got to wait until this all this work and christmas crap is over so i have some time to myself again.


2007-12-15 18:10:18

always a pleasure to watch your work Chris.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

nice of you to say!


2007-12-17 21:06:49

hey i love the greasy moose series. it started out when i first watched the great weed drought of 03' and i got hooked, i have bookmarked and i was wondering if you guys have a cd that i can buy of you work? i already downloaded a few from your myspace page

Sexual-Lobster responds:

that's pretty awesome that you would part with some money for our stuff! at this stage i'm not looking to make money from them though, most of the mp3s are available at, if something isn't there let me know and i'll e-mail it to you. Thanks for watching!


2007-12-26 00:49:47

mate, you rule!! coolest lip-sync ever...and by the way...good thing you created cap. man-love instead of using cap.planet, your character is way better and funnier. and you have all ready done a good captain planet cameo (hopefully gooseman will hit him back one day)... keep it up man! your the coolest!! and you keep getting better and better..i mean smooth animation with horseman..really smooth!!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks a lot! the lip syncing was a real challenge but it was definitely worth it. i agree re: captain planet, i don't regret not using planet at all.


2008-01-07 23:36:36

How I managed to miss the flash when it come out... t'was a sad day indeed!
The movie is absolutly fantastic and major props and kudos for some truely excepcional lip syncing. Just a tiny bit short... which leaves me craving for some more man love!


2008-09-21 07:00:45

How did I not hear about this?