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Quest of the Manwhore update

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - March 16th, 2011

I'm working on a sequel of sorts to Dance of the Manwhore. I should have it done in 2 weeks or so, but it may be a little longer. I am proud to say I am making it with the help of a Newgrounds sponsorship!

In the true spirit of method acting, I am inhabiting Fernando's way of life in order to better portray his wild, savage beauty in the film, but only up to a point. No, I am not sleeping with beautiful women for money, nor am I subsisting on a diet of crack and yoghurt. Basically I'm growing a beard and not wearing a shirt. I'm sure there are those among you who don't consider this method acting. Well, I challenge you to not be bound by the constrictive fabric prison of a shirt, nor the cruel kiss of a razor, nay, even the moist oppression of pants for an extended period of time, without experiencing some lightening of the spirit.

Quest of the Manwhore update

Comments (60)

So sexy...

coming from someone called manly-chicken, this is a fine compliment indeed, and i thank you.

Make love to me, you Manwhore you!

how much you offering?


i prefer the name "Fernandoism". Fernandoism is a tolerant, inclusive way of life with three basic tenets:
1) no shirts (singlets are all you need for special occasions).
2) no shoes (again, for special occasion, there is the thong (in australia), or flip flop (in uk), not sure what they're called in the US.)
3) you should eat no less than 1 kg of yoghurt per 60 kg of body weight per day.


the blog post? i've been reading a lot of 19th century fiction recently. they talk funny.

Off with the pants! OFF WITH THE PANTS!!!!

only too happy to oblige. *hoist* aaaaaaaahhhh feel the breeze.

I dig the wig!
Hoorah for the sequel!

that's actually his real hair.

I've tasted his seed..

no regrets?

I think the Fernando version of the California Gurls video would actually be less disturbing.

you say that even after seeing the picture. well i guess there's no disturbing you then.

i wish i had something witty to say for the spur of the moment but after seeing fernando in katty perry's scalped head, im just stunned...

i love that you refer to katy perry's blatantly fake wig as a "scalped head", must remember that one.

It's a shame we can't see who is mounting him.

just an unfortunate cloud.

When do we get to see fernando do a full frontal?

would you pay to see it?

fernando is.... katie perry?

in his dreams maybe

Oh Fernando, PLEASE don't WHIP my ASS in order to make me tell you you are beautyful, I couldn't stand it!

your words, they say nothing. fernando's only hears the language of money.

500 USD for your massive Australian Cock in my behind!

wow thats generous, ok lets do this.

This is surely going to be even better than the last one!

i hope so, but i'm expecting lots of people to say it isn't.

oh man, he's so lucky, i could never have the complexion to pull off that kind of easter blue hue. or chest hair.

well fernando does have a crack team of makeup artists and photographers working to make that shot perfect.

I wish I could define the word "sex" as well as Fernando.


Why didn't Fernando put on a blue beard-wig?
He's totally ruining the illusion.

hair can fall out, but a beard is for eternity.

I'm in nothing but my underware all day, everyday. And I regularly forget to shave, so I guess I've been living the Fernando dream all along.

for months at a time?

Sounds delicious! In return, i shall play you the tune of my people.

hhmmmmmmmmnnnnn no thanks

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