Callout for Pleasure Island RPG contributors

2011-04-25 23:28:24 by Sexual-Lobster

Some guys over on the GreasyMoose forum are making a Pleasure Island RPG with RPG Maker 2003, and we're looking for anyone who might be interested in contributing:

Stages (i'm told the program is easy to use)
Music (strictly in midi format)
Monster and battle sprites

You play as Fernando, and your task is to regain your glorious squidhunting spear.

Here's a playable demo of the first couple of stages of the game. Give it a whirl.
(installation notes: The options will be all like ?????????????????? and ??????????????????. The one on the left is continue, the one on the right is cancel. You can set the path and whatever. Defaultly it will be under ProgramFiles>rpg2003>Pleasure Island and then run RPG_RT. You may have to give it a moment, it takes a few seconds to start.)

So just to be clear, this is not a flash game that will be appearing on Newgrounds. This will end up as an executable file that anyone can download.

Here's the thread on the forum if you want to learn more. If you want to contribute, sign up and talk to Velex, he's the guy co-ordinating it.


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2011-04-25 23:39:00

I cannot wait to see the end result of this!
I'm having some trouble installing this on my computer, though....

Sexual-Lobster responds:

do you use a mac?

a lady on the forum couldn't install it for that reason. but i'm told there are simple ways around that.


2011-04-26 00:08:26

LOL i had years without playing RPG MAKER, is so freaking awesome :D

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i am definitely looking forward to playing it when its done, the demo was enjoyable.


2011-04-26 01:03:24

Are you going to have any voices in game? Cause I'd love to contribute to that if you do.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

nope, no voices.


2011-04-26 02:42:32

I would love to help with Monster and Battle Sprites :)


2011-04-26 03:04:23

Unfortunately im not talented enough to do anything even remotely useful to this glorious cause, nevertheless Id like to say: PLS do not omit Gooseman and Raptor Jesus characters :O

eternally grateful..

Sexual-Lobster responds:

gooseman is a major character, but there's no raptor jesus at this point.

however, creating a stage doesn't require any artistic capabilities, all the assets are done already you just have to arrange them.


2011-04-26 03:40:33

I already posted something on the forum, i hope to have an answer soon, also i hope you like my stuff :D

Sexual-Lobster responds:

your pics look good, felipeof!

i'm sure velex will be in contact with info, i don't actually know what still needs to be done myself or i'd tell you.


2011-04-26 04:00:26

This will be epic. Will you be able to get Gooseman as a party member?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yes, he's the first one to join your party.


2011-04-26 07:18:59

Shame, I could have easily coded you one in flash :(


2011-04-26 11:45:10

oh my gosh play as fernando?!!! O.O! OMFG!


2011-04-26 12:46:02

I presume you've already included yogurt as a power-up? xD

Sexual-Lobster responds:

at the moment you find rancid pieces of squid and they give you health.


2011-04-26 13:39:06

You have to include Gooseman's autotuned singing as his special attack, or I'll be very mad at you.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

rpgmaker is pretty limited with audio, i'm not sure if thats possible.


2011-04-26 13:44:03

I could help you with the music.. You say it's midi? No problem.. Give me some samples you might like to hear from me, and I will e-mail the results to you..

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i'll see if i can dig some up.


2011-04-26 15:55:49

Your banner of raptor Jesus looks like a penis.
It took me off guard for a second.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

your penis has a strange shape to it


2011-04-26 16:24:24

wait a damn minute i was the first to suggest to make a PI video game a year ago and you said probably not...

what the hell?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

this is not a flash game,

plus, i'm not actually contributing anything to it other than the occasional idea.


2011-04-26 18:20:35

I think it may be time for another Angry Dog episode my good man :)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i respectfully disagree my good man.


2011-04-26 19:29:26


Sexual-Lobster responds:



2011-04-26 19:53:01

If you need some art then I'm your bitch ;>


2011-04-26 22:02:59

Ok, sorry for the accusations :(


2011-04-27 07:39:55

A game? I need to be here when it comes out or I will kill myself of unforgiveness. And playing as Fernando and Gooseman? A dream come true.


2011-04-27 17:29:50

Id love to help i have experience with Rpg maker 2003 so please message me If you'd like some help id be glad to


2011-04-30 15:24:57

Played some of the demo just now (would play more, but have some shiz to do). I Iove it so far, with a capital i.

Seriously can't wait for more of this and pretty much anything else relating to Fernando. I love that glorious bastard.


2011-05-01 15:15:50

man if it was RPG maker VX id gladly help contribute >_> i dont have 2003 anymore + id have to relearn where all the events are located on it in the event menu. woulkdnt take much to learn but im lazy and got like 3 projects on the go in Vx D:


2011-05-01 15:24:51

double post i know, but when i can acually read "0" and "O" on your forums to register ill leave a post saying i can assist, seeing as i have 9-10 years RPG maker experience

Sexual-Lobster responds:

eh? what happened?


2011-05-02 22:11:28

I saw "Warriors of the Portal." I thought Gooseman should have become the king though. I was kinda pissed when he got shot! >:(

Sexual-Lobster responds:

at least it was a bullet in the back, and he didn't lose in a battle of strength.


2011-05-03 11:42:37

Are you using voice acting? In which case am a UK voice actor thats ready to cut his teeth on some more rpg work.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks for the offer but there's no speech in the game.


2011-05-05 02:09:57

Great job on your Pico Project.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yup i put all of 3 minutes of work into that doozy.


2011-05-05 22:49:08

Hope this gets finished my good sir.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

me too.


2011-05-06 04:17:43

Oh what a great idea. I use to use rpg maker all the time, its been too long since.


2011-05-06 23:23:05

Pleasure Island game hmm? Very interesting. I can see it now
Pleasure Island: Path of The Manwhore!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

the plot is fernando goes on a quest for his legendary spear

so "quest of the manwhore" would be a good title, but thats taken now.


2011-05-10 02:51:06

Quest of the manwhore was beaten by a flash that you coincidentally did a voice for

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yup, always a bridesmaid, never a bride


2011-05-13 04:58:24

This demo has the passion of a bleeding walrus. The game should be filled with cocaine parties, crack, fernando's brother, and lots of love fisting. Good stuff you got goin on here.


2011-05-21 20:16:39

You'd think guys making a fan game based on Flash videos of a squid-hunting manwhore would use... I dunno, Flash?
Why RPG Maker, of all things?
All I remember is the 2005 version would refuse to open my game file if it got too big.
And that was enough to dissuade me from ever using it again.


2011-05-23 13:02:34

strictly midi is my specialty, though i'm probably not well known enough to be apart of this.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

that really doesn't matter!


2011-05-23 15:30:07

I am looking forward to this more than planned sex. I love you. I want to marry you.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

are you a lady of marriageable age?


2011-05-24 18:27:18

Title: Quest for the Whorespear/Manspear/Penis


2011-05-25 23:23:46

I know a thing or two about RPG Maker, I have RPG Maker VX myself. A full non-flash standalone game sounds awesome, and I wanna help out :D Hope the guys over at GreasyMoose would accept me :P

Sexual-Lobster responds:

of course they will! well, i can't be sure actually, they're an unpredictable lot.

we've hit a snag, one guy's had the project for over a month and has disappeared, but we're going to move on soon if he doesn't get back into contact.


2011-06-06 05:02:50

awsome stuff heer, i liked the demo ..but why is frenando a pirate during the fights? is that just for the demo or is that gonna change?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yes that will change, haven't got battle sprites for him yet


2011-06-09 22:38:54

I love you so much, it's un-fucking-real. I can't wait for Pleasure Island RPG!


2011-06-09 22:40:01

It seems I have already harassed you at a prior date. Please excuse my ignorance, the mixture of LSD and anonymous anal pleasures has gotten to me.


2011-06-13 20:04:55

I fairly handy with a paint program called gimp. I could possibly make the sprites if you still need help. :/

Sexual-Lobster responds:

awesome! i've pmed you the details.