Pleasure Island 4 update

2011-08-11 23:20:16 by Sexual-Lobster

It's been over a year since Pleasure Island 3, which ended with a big fat "to be continued". I've been asked many many times when Pleasure Island 4 will be finished in the comments of everything I've made since then.

It's actually half done, but I haven't worked on it for about six months. It still needs a solid week of work to get it over the line, but there always seems to be something more important to do.

But there are other reasons. The big one is that I'm not really happy with it. There's only a few jokes, and they're not that great. The action is good in parts, average in others. I don't really like the music I made for it. All it does is tie up the events in Pleasure Island 3, but now that I've left it so long only those who have seen Pleasure Island 3 recently will have any idea what is going on. At one point Flash crashed, making the file corrupt, so I had to import the whole project from the swf, which means its now really clunky and annoying to work with.

So yeh, sorry to be such a tease and not provide closure. I still might finish day...

In other news, this is a promo for a series of music videos organised by Machinima that I am making a film for.

My parts are at :08 and :28, but they are not at the same time as the song I am doing.

Mine also has lasers. I haven't put lasers in anything since Captain Planet Rampage, know...gotta hit my laser quota.

It says in the promo that it starts August 8th, but mine is further down the queue and probably won't be out until September. Sadly I'm not able to put it on Newgrounds (I asked but the answer was no), but I'll link to it from here when it goes up.

Pleasure Island 4 update


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2011-08-11 23:27:52

Wow, that really suck. But please finish it. It needs to be wrapped up.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

how many bird eggs will you give me if i do?


2011-08-11 23:37:40

Given the nature of it, the "to be continued" could be interpreted as a joke. I'd rather you work on things you actually want to make

Sexual-Lobster responds:

heheh a cruel joke on the audience maybe.


2011-08-11 23:44:36

What a bummer about what has happened to the file, hope it will all work out in the end!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i only lost a little bit of work happily, although i guess thats irrelevant if it never gets finished.


2011-08-11 23:50:57

Dude, this sounds like it's been a rather tough and intensive journey. I wish you the best with this and any upcoming projects. Also, congrats on the Machinima thing and hitting your laser quota! :)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

every single pleasure island episode has taken a year to finish. i should have learned by now.


2011-08-12 00:29:12

sorry about that dude, that really must have been a real pain in the arse but I believe you should take the time to finish it right rather than give us a substandard animation (which I think is impossible for you) but nonetheless you should take your time - Jo


2011-08-12 00:30:21

The guy in this video looks EXACTLY like Fernando. _vo-4&feature=BFa&list=FLLqUP J2hg5JE&index=6

Sexual-Lobster responds:

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
Sorry about that."


2011-08-12 02:19:37

Would you finish it if i give you some feshly harvested white whale fetuses?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

you know that i would.


2011-08-12 05:04:26

is it continuing from the last episode?

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2011-08-12 05:16:22

2 bad that file is gone but im sure fernando will understand since he must kill the walrus
man in any way


2011-08-12 05:23:33

You're working with Machinima? That's awesome!


2011-08-12 07:33:25

I love you sexual lobster!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks maaaaaaan


2011-08-12 09:55:43

Please take your time with Pleasure Island 4. We don't need to rush out any project that you're not happy with even though it would still probably be hilarious.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

its already been a year, the point of the post was to say that i might never make it.


2011-08-12 10:22:36

I hope to see it finished. Like others are saying, take your time.


2011-08-12 13:30:27

#1 most kissable lips.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

those lips don't come cheap...well they do actually, but still, not free.


2011-08-12 14:22:38

i'd follow him to the ends of the world, and learn from his rich wisdom of how to whore out to women

Sexual-Lobster responds:

at the moment he's marooned on pleasure island and is not skilled in the art of boat building.


2011-08-12 14:44:20

Either way every time you submit something i squeal and 5 it.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

each time you do that you are merely revealing your excellent taste.


2011-08-12 16:16:03

If you really think it's bad I'd suggest you start over. I realize you would of wasted a lot of time and fans would be pretty pissed for the extra wait (I wouldn't). The point is it doesn't matter how much you polish a turd, it will still be a turd.........

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i don't think its a turd, its just not good enough to make me excited about finishing it.


2011-08-12 16:19:54

You rule.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i do, don't i? yes.


2011-08-12 17:26:46

For some reason your parts in the trailer seemed a bit out of place.
Being the only cartoon and all.

Still the only part worth looking at.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i know what you mean, until i saw it i thought the other people were animators but it seems im the only one. but each one is a standalone thing.


2011-08-12 17:39:13

If you're not pleased with the current script for part 4, then why not write a new one and start over? The longer you wait the more the shame will eat up your insides. Literally. Little shame monsters will eat up your intestines - and you'll deserve it for not having finished the animation yet.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

it would probably be better, but on the other hand it would never exist because i would never finish it if i started again.


2011-08-12 17:56:08


Sexual-Lobster responds:

although they played that over my animation, thats not the song im doing.


2011-08-12 18:22:28

Maybe its my destiny to finish it for you? :)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

a kind offer, sir, but it must be me.


2011-08-12 18:27:36

walrus pit

Sexual-Lobster responds:

what of it?


2011-08-12 19:21:40

are you gonna add in my katey perry scalped head idea you liked so much?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i...uh....i don't think so, that sounds gruesome.


2011-08-13 00:35:42

How much would it take for YOU to kiss Randy?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i might let him kiss my hand gallantly, but thats it.


2011-08-13 17:16:59

Pleasure Island (or just any of the cartoons featuring gooseman and fernando) are my favorite on NG... basically what I'm trying to say is that you have to finish this:P
I'll give you a nest or two of birdeggs

Sexual-Lobster responds:

two?! make it 3 and its a deal.


2011-08-14 10:25:37

Just give me a new Great Destiny Man and I'll forgive whatever it was you wrote about above.


2011-08-16 15:50:32

soooo let me get this strait... the stories about a black market orgen merchant a chrack filled mad man and a guy with stupid blond hair?


2011-08-23 17:01:49

Pleasure island, all the characters. Are your Time of creativity on Newgrounds. It was your base, to become the talented animator that you are today. So to say this was to make the ground as an animator. Meaning that now that you are Fully Fledged & Able to do so, you must let go of the past and let it become a part of you. So that you can Work on your career! That is why you don't want to work on it because other things are more important, but you don't want to "just leave it behind" either, so make a Compromise. which would be to my extent: Work on Pleasure Island 4 when you have spare time. Not just animating it, but to think ideas out. So to say, to begin all over using what you have now as a base.(seeing that you are UNHAPPY with it, and it seems that life is not helping you either.) And Focus Mainly on your Career and future projects. Pleasure island 4 shall be your concluding end to a great part of you of your youth. So that you can became a Matured Adult.

Don't punish & Fight yourself. Love yourself, for who you are.(sounds cheesy but it's true.)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

wow, thanks for the life advice


2011-08-25 12:56:19

can't wait for the 4th installment


2011-09-04 06:47:36

Hey, baby! Take care of yourself. Many mornings have passed where I crack my eyes open and contemplate the point of my existence, and then realize that all I have to look forward to is more submissions from yourself.

Joking aside, I hope you keep doing what you do, because nobody can do it as well as you <33

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks knifegash


2011-09-17 22:04:11

I thought Dance of the Manwhore was Pleasure Island 4?


2012-06-05 07:40:01

Looks like It will never come up