Manwhore Industries

2012-02-20 18:58:27 by Sexual-Lobster

Read Manwhore Industries.

I just got back from a month in Laos and Vietnam (That's why I was so slack with PMs and replying to reviews). While I was away I drew this comic, most of it on wobbly tables in various different restaurants.

It's somewhere between a comic and a storyboard really, and I would like to turn it into a cartoon some time over the next few months. Hopefully it is clear who is saying what.

It takes place in Gooseman and Fernando's office. I like the idea of them having this massive, run down commercial building all to themselves, and I've got some ideas for sequels-of-sorts.

I kept it pretty rough, to keep it fun. I didn't have the best paper for it and I tend to buy pretty cheap pens because I'm, well, cheap.

I like the new newgrounds. My first reaction was that I don't like how titles are no longer displayed and you have to hover the mouse over to see what stuff is called, but Tom said in his last post that they're gonna change that. Good work, fellas.

Manwhore Industries


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2012-02-20 19:41:30

Yep, that was nuts! Good job.


2012-02-20 20:01:11

Looking forward to it. Well, if you do animate it.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

im pretty sure i will, since a lot of the work is done now (key poses, backgrounds), i just gotta draw over what ive already done


2012-02-20 20:14:03

I think it could have been more entertaining if randy ate the banana and then became a banana tree, but was still sentient. But who am I to judge someone with such incredible talent?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

but but there is no soil in gooseman's office, the randy tree would starve.


2012-02-20 20:21:35

urgh, I meant to say "That was bananas". Boy is my face red.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

its ok we're all friends here.


2012-02-20 21:24:50

Do they have corn outside the United States of Australia?

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-02-20 21:36:26

I'm insanely attracted to Fernando.
It's kind of ridiculous.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

don't worry thats perfectly natural.


2012-02-21 02:18:48

wait the manwhore songs are made from a company

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yes, a very, very shady one that is also a front for gooseman's less legitimite operations.


2012-02-21 02:23:37



2012-02-21 03:41:56

How was Vietnam? What part(s) did you visit?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

it was great! we visited hanoi, hue, hoi an, nha trang, mui ne and saigon. Laos was awesome, too.


2012-02-21 07:40:14

You moron, Vietnam was like 40 years ago.


2012-02-21 09:32:41

i just realized that my jacket was made in vietnam.
hunh, i should visit that place after i see italy.

and now i shall watch some comics.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yup they make a lot of stuff. a lot of nice beers, for example.


2012-02-21 09:35:06

Manwhore industries? The name sounds misleading, don't ya think, Lobsty? :P

Sexual-Lobster responds:

no, i don't.


2012-02-21 14:01:51

I kinda of always saw this team as the people you go to get something done that no one would do. Something I always imagined happening was them getting hired to do a job ... then possibly getting hired by another client to thwart the first job... but them actually having to do both the jobs to get the money...

... brain diarrhea . sorry

Sexual-Lobster responds:

you mean like some kind of super special ops kind of A-team? I can see them dipping their wangs in a war for the right kind of money.


2012-02-21 23:54:56

Right, but then their initial targets catch wind that they're a target and thus unwittingly hire the goose squad to thwart it ... Maybe too schticky...

Sexual-Lobster responds:

honestly that all sounds hard to draw, lots of guns, helicopters, action, so on.


2012-02-22 06:58:32

Great job, figured out I missed out on a lot of stuff for several months, Newgrounds was banned in Indonesia for quite a while, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??

Sexual-Lobster responds:

is it tough to get around? in vietnam they ban facebook, but some of the hotels had a proxy in place for guests.


2012-02-23 15:43:04

I noticed that you kept spelling yogurt with an h. In America, we take out unnecessary letters like instead of colour, we spell it color, without the u. FOREIGN COUNTRIES ARE SO CRAZY!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

when i draw people driving, i put the driver on the right side of the car. is your mind blown?


2012-02-23 21:51:43

I honestly wish i could visit places like that and have the talent to draw. Seems like it would be peaceful you know? I've seen alot of cool things but all of your work is awesome. I've loved it since i saw it. So question, where did you come up with the idea of Fernando and Gooseman in the first place? Their story is so built up i have to wonder. Must have been fun to create these guys from a blank piece of paper

Sexual-Lobster responds:

neither story is very interesting i'm afraid.

gooseman: my friends were playing warhammer and to give me something to do they let me play with one super awesome character out of one of their books. i came up with a silly name for him. through a series of incredible dice rolls my one piece ended up winning the war. so when i made a cartoon character out of him he was this super strong, chaotically violent dude.

fernando: i was drawing caricatures and one face didn't look anything like the subject but i thought it was funny and it seemed like his name should be fernando.


2012-02-24 19:10:16

Lol wow. At any rate your drawings are amazing. My art tends to be like shad's art but never as good, or graphic. Certainly nothing i would show the world. I would do anything for the talent man. Keep it up!


2012-03-02 12:20:48

I've been following your stuff for years now, but never touched on the subject of how you started your work.

All great artists start drawing at a young age, but when did you start drawing and animating at this level? In other words, did you attend college to learn some of this stuff, or learn as you go?

Just curious, I'm trying to up my game and am looking for a new direction to take my skills.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i studied animation at uni.


2012-03-02 22:33:38

Give the two as many resources as possible to facilitate their raunchy antics

as long as the lizard tail and lightning sunglasses remain

I have to know several things though
Where the fuck do I buy one of those lizard tails, not even ebay sells them
and where do I get Lightning sunglasses
more importantly, are those "third eye" sunglasses
I mean, can you see behind you with them due to a mirror in the lenses
like these:
They have had helicopters, do they get a jet?
I want to see sex in the atmosphere

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i have no idea where to get a lizard tail, would that i knew.

no gooseman's sunglasses are not mirrored, the pattern on them is just a stylised reflection. i had some sunglasses with mirror strips on the sides when i was a kid - they were cool, but pretty distracting to wear.

no they don't have a jet, but they could probably rustle one up if they were prepared to go to the middle east to somewhere to get it.


2012-03-10 16:48:15

How many dicks could you fit in that banana? jus sayin.


2012-03-23 22:02:34

Where's great destiny man 3?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

it is a twinkle in its father's eye.