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Donut Quest

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - March 30th, 2012

Watch Donut Quest

This is a music video I made for another song way back in August last year. I was supposed to receive the finished song but never did, so eventually I made a new song for it. The new song is an electro version of one of my old band's songs. The original song was a thrash thrash metal song so the vibes are totally different, but I think the new one works ok.

Also I've put a new comic called Contagious featuring Gooseman, Fernando and Randy on my site. I'd like to make it into a cartoon but if I do it won't be for a while.

Also, the new Project System is really cool, well done on that!

Donut Quest

Comments (18)

LOL That was great.


I just read your comic "contagious" and it made me laugh. I want more of those!

i started another one...but i don't know if i'll finish it, its pretty big and i think i bit off more than i can chew

The comic was hilarious! Thank you!

Donut Quest was very well done. Great Job.


Sexual Lobster for president

that comics so funny XD

2 words....epic whiin..

o make a vid about ...jezus and the devil...fighting :D ---and let it be the manhore how whiilll whin..

yhea and an epic song :D

ok ?

It was okay. Animation felt a little blocky, or maybe that was my computer lagging? I don't know... All in all okay but not your best work. On a brighter note, the comic was super sweet.

I LOVE DONUTS!!!!! and I LOVE you too!!!! Lets make out :D WITH Donuts in our mouths! WE shall call it do'kisnut ^^ or something better :P Call me Some time ;)

that is a kind offer, but I must refuse for hygienic reasons.

It was Epic Quest... by the way when will there be another Great Destiny man.

probably never, maybe some time.

Yep! Congrats on being the guy who made that great thing I just watched!

The comic was funny aswel, these characters lead such stupid lives

You're the only animator I follow religiously on NG nowadays...



Love your animating and music, great job on this one! The song reminds me of some sort of retro video game, the melody is so catchy and the bass guitar and drums are great too. Some how I couldn't see it fitting thrash metal, but yea, another great addition to the newgrounds portal, Thanks!


What tablet/display do you use and which ones have you used in the past?

i use a cintiq, ive only ever used wacoms.

Love your work mate, Love the Hidden Aussie humour im glad theres a artist that is doing well that is from aus. It isn't just your thinking its like taking some of the countrys matters into your own hands and moulding your work. What is it kev captain planet.. lol good stuff.. AH yes i would love to see more jokes and to piss on the labour party some more .


ive never really intended to piss on the labour party, i prefer them over the current batch of liberals to be honest with you.

What was the thrash song you arranged for it? Just wonder.

it was rob zombie song, but an unreleased one.

Can't help but say that donut thing has happened to me many times, I have lost 11 friends and angered 11 devils, too think I would've learned by now.
The taste of the sweet donut is lovely, too take it away from me, is like taking a piece away from me.
I am like homer simpson x100 man, if you touch my donut you die plain and simple.

im with you man

Cant believe yet how you made that awsome song, im really happy, because i listen your song, who have a AWSOME bass line. i love it, and i need learn it hehe. c: