Anyone feel like dancing?

2012-04-17 02:26:27 by Sexual-Lobster

I uploaded a new film today, watch Dancebreak!

I was asked to make a film to promote Drive, a youtube channel. It had to have something to do with cars. I'm not really a car buff and I'm not even that good at drawing them, so a film with a massive car crash in it (ooh spoiler) is about as car relevant as I can be.

I found this screenshot I took of the Newgrounds main page in 2005, when a film of mine was put on there for the first time. What with the redesign and all I think its a good time to post it. This was several redesigns ago of course.

On another note, why is everyone saying "dafuq" all of a sudden? I mean, I know how memes get spread around and how language changes gradually over time, but this one seems particularly moronic.

Anyone feel like dancing?


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2012-04-17 03:02:35

Whats the date on that screenie? If there's any way to tell

Sexual-Lobster responds:

it was late june


2012-04-17 03:22:32

lol at the featured web content - axe and porn.

ALSO good job.


2012-04-17 03:43:12

Ridiculously entertaining, but that's to be expected. :P
Great work!
Oh and also, thanks for the memories, that's how it looked
when I joined...either sometime late 2004 or early 2005.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

the site has changed gradually too, before the recent change there were a few minor ones. when i saw that i thought "really, it looked like that?"


2012-04-17 03:57:53

i didn't expect the dancetime thing but it was awesome :D

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-04-17 04:05:19

dafuq is old bro that shit is like 2002, guess it took a while to go trendy `_`

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i wish it would go back to 2002 and stay there


2012-04-17 04:27:54

What programs do you use to animate your flash movies

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i won't fall for that one.


2012-04-17 04:41:34

lol I come back dailiy for chimp hiest and quest of a manwhore. REALLY looking forward to more of Fernando doing the hip to hip back and fourth move. EPIC. Or auto tuned Gooseman, hopefuly Pleasure Island 4 will have a music video with auto tuned Goosman and Fernando hips and some story into Raptor Jesus. I cant wait for it. Looking back there's not a way you can't get excited when you look back at your progress over the years, it's like a whole different animator, however with the same kind of content, but more devolped.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i will finish pleasure island 4 some day, and i do have another manwhore song written, but when i'll have to the time to do these things i'm not sure.


2012-04-17 05:30:31

can you please please please give me some animation tips?


2012-04-17 07:25:24

newgrounds was really better when it has those porn commercial...


2012-04-17 07:25:57

wow also in 2005 most of the thing put on the fp get like more than 100K views.


2012-04-17 08:19:29


Sexual-Lobster responds:

why not duphuc?


2012-04-17 10:02:29

Oh God, it's like you read my mind and make a Flash about it! Donuts last time, now dancing!


2012-04-17 10:36:55

Only if you dance with me! :)


2012-04-17 12:43:25

MathaFuqa. :P


2012-04-17 12:57:13

Dafuq, I just want to know what programs you use

Sexual-Lobster responds:

now i really don't believe you


2012-04-17 15:45:06

Your movies are absurdist and amazingly funny!


2012-04-17 16:07:41

i love you.


2012-04-17 17:06:24

Happens all the time, you would think I would avoid monkey scorpion deserts, I think I like it there though.
Nice place.


2012-04-17 17:27:03

yes i like all dancing and all singing


2012-04-17 18:34:10

Aaaand you're back to greatness! Very funny short :-)


2012-04-17 21:21:09

love your work !!!


2012-04-18 09:05:31

Nostalgia about 2005 Newgrounds


2012-04-18 18:59:09

come on ay sow this a long time ago on your youtube chanel your fucking whit us ....come you face palm ...come on take me takee me :))

ok aymas drunk :D

love you


2012-04-22 02:51:56

Yeah, I miss the 2005 front page :P

Good nostalgia!


2012-04-23 02:14:57


\ Are there any plans... /
\ To Sell: /
\ Gooseman's Shades? /

Sexual-Lobster responds:

gooseman just wears standard military aviators.


2012-04-29 23:09:41

Sex crustacean, why do you not have a facebook fan page?

Also, why the hell have you not been to any Oz conventions yet? It would be so orgasmic.

Random place to put this but meh.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

what oz conventions? sounds daunting.

i don't even have a personal facebook page. i have tried to avoid the site as much as possible. at times i've thought of starting a facebook entity but it seems that my stuff is shared quite a bit on facebook anyway so i'm content with that for now.