four horsemen and other trivialties

2012-08-08 10:47:25 by Sexual-Lobster


I have birthed this film for you called The Four Horsemen.

Eons ago I uploaded this comic to Newgrounds, thinking at the time I would draw more of the adventures of these characters and hammer them into the shape of a webcomic, but then I realised their magnificence was too great for comic form. Peter and I have had copious volumes of other ideas for these characters. I hope that I will be able to animate some of them in the future.

Elsewise I am animating this awesome comic with Curtis Richardson-Smith, who is also on Newgrounds.

I am also animating this comic featuring Fernando and Gooseman. I would upload it to Newgrounds but it is larger than the maximum amount of pixels allowed in the art portal. That's right friends, the mass and dare I say girth of my pixels are TOO GREAT for Newgrounds.

Due to real life work getting in the way, these films will not appear instantaneously, but certainly both will exist at a fitting and suitable point in time and space, that is a somewhat flaccid promise but there it is.

Also, I want to thank anyone who voted for Central Bwankers in the monthly voting, it got 2nd place for the month and won the $250 cash prize. I think its fantastic that Newgrounds encourages the making of films with original characters this way. I've made the occasional parody myself but I think its more fun working with original characters. And so ends another chapter of "Lobster's cool stories."

four horsemen and other trivialties


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2012-08-08 10:59:09

why is famine a guy in a pinstriped suit?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

why not?


2012-08-08 11:00:52

Your second comic link doesn't seem to be working. Can't wait for the new shat!

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-08-08 11:23:56

Don't abandon the horsemen, man. I want more. more


2012-08-08 11:42:12

Central Bwankers banking was fucking epic, you deserved that money good sir.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-08-08 11:58:50

@Manly-chicken ... i may have been reading into it too much, but I figured Famine was depicted this way to look like some rich classy big-wig (a symbol of surplus) as the one who brings famine and scarcity to the world.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yeh, he works in finance in some capacity i think.


2012-08-08 13:39:14

That was my impression absolutely. I just assumed he was the 1% that controlled 98% of the wealth... or maybe "I" am reading too much in to this :D.
"The Lobster Code"

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i like to think he engineers destruction in some way with his work, whatever it is. derivatives trading or something.


2012-08-08 13:50:40

You read Good Omens?
I think it's relevant

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i've read a few pratchett novels but not that one.


2012-08-08 14:05:43

wait am minuet "sexual lobster"???
The "U" in sexual Lobsters name is the 4th letter . sexual has 6 letters and lobster has 7. if you subtract the first 4 letters from the word sexual you get "AL" and if you subtract the first four letters from lobster you get "TER", if you add them all together you get "U ALTER", which would seem that sexual lobster is telling us that we can change things, HOWEVER this is misleading, for if you combine "U ALTER" in to one word "UALTER" you get an ancient Germanic/Irish name meaning "WAR RULER, or ARMY RULER" which clearly outlines Mr. Lobsters intentions to take over the world... And I am not even going to mention what you will hear if you listen to "quest of the manwhore backwords"
Or maybe I am just procrastinating so I don't have to do any actual work today!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

you can't prove anything, no matter how accurate your unfounded accusations may be.


2012-08-08 19:43:43

oh my god i prayed this comic would some day become a vid. i didnt happen so i killed random newborn puppys in the name of satan and so it came.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

well there are too many puppies in the world so you have done a good thing.


2012-08-08 23:59:11

Can't wait to see more of these guys. I also loved how you used the "CopsOnFireWithErections" version of Death (which IMO is the only version).


2012-08-09 00:19:58

Oh Famine, my old chum, it was nice to see him outside of comic form. Although, I was expecting to see him as more gray skinned than what his complexion is in it, but whatever, I'm rambling on. Excellent work Sexy! :}

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-08-09 00:42:18

Hey you reused that Death model from that other cartoon. So lazy

Sexual-Lobster responds:

guilty as charged.


2012-08-09 04:42:14

U say ur animating the manwhore comic but what about the other manwhore comic with the banana and the yogurt... Oh christ that came out wrong... The comic about Fernando singing his new song to Gooseman and Gooseman trying to give Randy the poisoned banana. That comic needs to be made into a movie too if u ask me. Just my opinion... Not that its worth much.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i might get to that one some day, maybe. not sure if that one is as good.


2012-08-09 10:19:04

Are you going to animate Stabbing a Cat? Because that would be awesome.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

that one is so wordy. also the voice actor who played manny can't do his voice anymore.


2012-08-09 11:04:39

It ain't the 4 Horsemen without Ric Flair, WHOOOOOOOOOOOO


2012-08-09 11:05:10

This comes out with very convenient timing, what with Darksiders 2 inching ever nearer to me.

The best thing about reading the comics before the animation is ever made is that I can imagine the voices way ahead of time.


2012-08-09 19:26:10

Should I shave my pubic hairs or just trim them a bit?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

go wild man, what are you a shrub?


2012-08-10 14:15:20

What's your thought on the developing manwhore pandemic

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i released the contagion you see, so my thoughts are that my scheme is progressing nicely.


2012-08-10 18:46:57

How come grim reaper is standing over famine yet there is no dark shade? there is just a lighter shade travelling over the top of his suit , and the backround is dark and the grim reapers hood has lighter shades at the top.
Damnit Lobster.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

because magic thats why.


2012-08-10 21:08:38

That was a damn awesome cartoon. May I ask how you achieved the sound of War's voice inside his helm? I need to do that to a character's voice in a toon I'm working on. Some mix of settings in Audacity, perhaps?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i use a very old program called sound forge 6, but audition could do it. experiment with low decay time. look for some kind of "metal tank" preset?


2012-08-13 21:46:10

what about war and the hippy fucker?


2012-08-14 14:28:05

I still force all my friends to watch angry dog. Its the gateway flash; there is no thrusting man pelvis to scare them away immediately. The thrusting pelvises come later. I also just got another friend on to house of squid. eels will never be the same...

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thank you for spreading my love over your friends, hopefully some of it will stick.


2012-08-16 16:24:21

Oh god, what's this shit? And why do I keep watching it?


2012-08-18 04:40:45

Did you just fart because you have good flash.
I tried to make a joke did you see that?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i see you made a joke. i am tickled.


2012-08-24 20:37:03

Would you mind posting the song that plays at the end here in Newgrounds? donno why it sticks to me like something...gooey and best left undescribed.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

After I uploaded this, commenters pointed out that the start of that song is similar to a part in the final countdown song. its an honest mistake and i'll leave the first episode song as is, but in future episodes i will change the song, and perhaps make a longer version. in the mean time though i won't upload the song. there is no more to it than is already in the episode anyway.


2012-09-10 23:39:30

I love your work, even some of you older videos make me laugh til my sides hurt, I've been on NG for a very long time now, and this is by far the funniest shit I have watched, keep it up

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-09-12 13:38:02

I like your fridge.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

its filled with yoghurt.


2012-09-12 15:41:49

love is the fifth horsemen of the apolacypse

Sexual-Lobster responds:

aah yes love, the cousin they don't like to talk about.


2012-09-13 13:23:32

Home made?


2012-09-15 01:04:40

Longer version of the outro theme--I will go "KONY2012" on that.


2012-09-18 11:24:59

I love the look Famine has on his face when he busts through the door: bulgy fish eyes and mouth hanging open in a wide ass smile.