2012-09-26 06:00:00 by Sexual-Lobster

Sssooooooo you decided to read a news post of mine, huh? Interesting decision. Normally you'd be wasting your time, but luckily today I have a new film for you, it is called Contagious and you can watch it here.

The concept is that Gooseman, Fernando and Randy have acquired an entire office building that has been left vacant by some company that Gooseman probably fatally sabotaged in some way. They have who knows how many floors to themselves but the only legitimate business between them is Fernando's singing career, which is on hiatus at the moment, so instead of doing something constructive they eat lots of yoghurt and become involved in sexual intrigues.

It is a cartoonification of this comic.

This is another comic which also takes place in the Manwhore Industries building. I was originally going to animate this one first but now I'm thinking I won't at all.

Both comics are a bit shitty because I drew them on holiday, mostly on wobbly tables in poor lighting. That's my excuse, anyway.



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2012-09-26 06:49:38

Did you waste your time yet, reading my message?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i'm afraid so.


2012-09-26 06:52:00

Nice. Keep at it!

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-09-26 06:53:09

I feel exclusive being one of your Youtube subscribers. We get every cartoon a week early.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i won't have a new one for a while so i think finally i will catch up and be able to release on both sites at same time.


2012-09-26 07:14:40

*Watching Ragemelon*

Mmyes, exclusive.


2012-09-26 08:24:15

Not to discourage you, I'm sure you could get it to work, but I see the Manwhore Industries comic being a little awkward to animate. At worst it will just be more of the same, though, so you could always go for it.

My opinion matters, I am an important person and gosh darnit people like me.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

no i think i agree with you. it lacks any really strong jokes and it would require the viewer to have some knowledge of fernando's songs to make much sense. since i did this one instead i doubt i'll do it.


2012-09-26 08:47:17

Always top notch dude, good job.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-09-26 09:06:45

Nice movie, Greg. Hey, I was wondering if you are making more episodes for the "Great Destiny Man" series and any chance of getting a new episode before the end of the year?
It looks so promising.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

WHO THE FUCK IS GREG? and no, no more GDM.


2012-09-26 09:12:45

No homo.


2012-09-26 09:19:58

why every time i heard fernando voice, the song Cimp Heist starts playing on my head?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

you think you've got it bad. every time i hear or read the word party i get WE LIKE TO PARTY. WE LIKE WE LIKE TO PARTY by venga boys


2012-09-26 10:03:34

Lol I remember that time when the Vengaboys was insanely popular, all the places played their songs. The only thing I remember from them is that Ibiza video with oversized boobies

Sexual-Lobster responds:

many moons ago, around the same time cher came out with that autotune song. it was a simpler time.


2012-09-26 10:29:33

Just pressing your buttons, Chris. No need to get upset. :)
I hope someday you come around concerning the "Great Destiny Man" series.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i don't want to continue it because a) it takes a really long time and b) people can't get over the fact he resembles 90s steven segal.


2012-09-26 10:49:54

You silly Gooseman...


2012-09-26 13:35:05

I honestly can't get enough of your unique writing and stellar animation.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

cheers themam.


2012-09-26 14:20:45

Love it. Even though it's not super duper funny, the pacing is superb!
Good job Greg.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-09-26 14:58:15

Man. Angry dog. That takes me way back... I love your series and constantly watch your stuff on breaks at work. I have been watching since middle school. Awesome style, keep it up!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks, fkwajp!


2012-09-26 20:03:11

By 'my message' I meant the PM I sent you.

Sorry if I totally Schneidered that one.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

aah! yes just sent you the wav.


2012-09-26 23:00:01




2012-09-27 06:10:34

I have to admit Great Destiny Man's main char does resemble Steven Seagal, but I'm not exactly sure on what might be the problem with that.

Also, I do hope Pleasure Island series continues.

And yes, your art style is very interesting, keep on the good work :)

Sexual-Lobster responds:


i think i'll continue Pleasure Island but not for a while yet.

re GDM: the problem for me is that it was unintentional and i don't want that fat loser associated with my cartoons!


2012-09-27 07:44:01




2012-09-27 08:10:27

"Oi what part of Aussie do you live in cunt" - Bogan V


2012-09-27 11:02:18

I am the liquid

Sexual-Lobster responds:

prepare to be absorbed.


2012-09-27 17:23:44

Needs more facial hair.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-09-27 23:24:45

Fernando is so sexy. I wish he existed in real life.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

me too....*sniff*


2012-09-28 04:01:20

Wait you said you would make that manwhore industries banna comic into a animation

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i intended to, but this one seemed more suitable, even though it doesn't have anything to do with fernando's singing.


2012-09-29 08:16:28

Do you play LoL? I found someone with your name in game.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

no, but i hope whoever has assumed my name is giving it justice.


2012-09-30 10:39:25

Your animation quality continues to amaze me. Seriously, it's stunning. Top-notch. I don't know what else to say.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-09-30 20:12:18

When will you do a Fernando cartoon parody on Conan the Barbarian?


2012-10-02 09:24:46

I read over the other Manwhore Industries comic.
I'd totally say, go for it.
The content is really funny and in your style, from what I saw. I could literally see exactly how you'd animate it.

Plus, now you've done "Contagious", you have colour palettes and other resources already available from that, which would make your life a little easier.

I'm excited to see what will come out of the lobster next!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yeh i could reuse a fair bit which would be awesome. if i continued though i'd probably next i'd do "essence of manwhore", where fernando invents his own fragrance and hires a social media expert.


2012-10-03 17:23:54

This made my mustache tingle.

... Make it stop.


2012-10-15 14:38:11

I sort of like the concept of them living in an abandoned office building and using common office paraphernalia in replacement of some normal household items, i don't know why but it's appealing to me.


2012-10-17 11:28:09

dude! get off your arse and make another episode of Great Destiny Man!


2012-10-17 18:25:37

More great destiny man!