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2012-10-22 07:08:24 by Sexual-Lobster

These are all amazing! I love them! I am honoured! o-the-squidhunter
great-destiny-man -of-the-walrus-pit r-horsemen

I was hoping to create those dynamic links like in the news threads, is that possible here?

I would like to give a plug to a fine gentleman who sometimes goes by the hard to spell name of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern who has drawn an epic comic featuring Gooseman and Fernando called "Gooseman runs for Office". It chronicles Gooseman's campaign to get elected to the senate in order to pursue his twisted cocaine related agenda. Read the comic!

calendar calendar calendarjjghadljafkljwoep;x'


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2012-10-22 09:18:56

Who isn't in love with that calendar entry? But more importantly, who isn't in love with you sexy! :}

Sexual-Lobster responds:

lllooooooooots of people.


2012-10-22 10:57:22

Yeah man! That picture is nuts! 3D goodness!

Jindo's painting is hilarious, there's something about the way he's done the Knight in Amour that just cracks me up. Like his posture is so stiff and neck so thick, it's hilarious. All in a good way mind!


2012-10-22 11:02:31

Yoghurt and Squids only have sense in the Grease Moose Universe. This year calendar have a lot of SexualLobster themed images, now BifftheTimid uploaded one of Great Destiny Man d/great-destiny-man?context=ratings:etm.tags:c alendar2013.offset:0

Sexual-Lobster responds:

*choke* aah i hadn't seen that, that is amazing!


2012-10-22 15:12:03



2012-10-22 15:27:07

The Year of the Lobster?


2012-10-24 03:33:46

What do you think is the best among the artworks? eh?


2012-11-06 11:17:09

Wait a second...
Do you smell...

Sexual-Lobster responds:

*sniff* nope, no rage here my friend.


2012-11-21 14:42:37

Sweet Raptor Jesus! Chris, you Glorious Groinmaster!I never even noticed you're advertising my humble little adaptaition of your awesome script here at newgrounds! I can't be thankful enough. Seriously, I'm this far (shows picture of Chris Chan's hideous crooked little pickle) from gathering all seven dragon balls, wishing me to be a female version of Fernando, hunt you down and deranged monkey sex you till the next Velocirapture! Err, or maybe I'll just send you some eggs'n'crabs... YOU CHOOSE!

Kostou, all I have to say to you is this: Head! Head! Head... head...


2012-11-25 20:25:56

I saw a graffitti that said "sexual lobster" on an Albuquerque bathroom, was that you?