Hey there handsome

2012-12-21 09:33:34 by Sexual-Lobster


Enough small talk. I have a new music video of sorts, called Groangasm. The song is here on Newgrounds.

I'm not planning on putting it on Newgrounds, it's a bit too shit really, it's more of an experiment that took a few hours rather than a proper film.

I'm not going to have a new film up for a while because of work commitments. But come 2013, holy shit, I shall release a plague of films upon the world that dwarfs my feeble efforts of 2012.

I have a new series called Space Adventure Legend Quest coming out January 12th on the happy hour channel. Because this was something I made for them I will not be able to upload it to Newgrounds unfortunately.

Presently I am working on another, larger Ragemelon cartoon. It should be up in February some time.

Hey there handsome


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2012-12-21 09:48:43


Enough small talk."

That's hilarious to me. Never heard it before, kinda thinking how I'm pissed I didn't think of it somehow.


2012-12-21 10:26:10



2012-12-21 10:40:20

Straight to the point. I like that.

I will be awaiting your cascade of viral animation to seep through my moist eyeballs like happy pink eye.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

hrrmm i don't know how viral they will be


2012-12-21 10:40:56



2012-12-21 12:05:48

Oh you :3


2012-12-21 13:00:26

I came.


2012-12-21 16:09:57

Plague of new films in 2013, a new series, AND more Ragemelon? Yesh! I knew kidnapping all those Leprechauns and smuggling all those Four-Leaf-Clovers would pay off! Good on you man, nice to hear you've got a full plate!

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-12-21 16:42:21

one word
you got my applaude!


2012-12-21 19:09:34

I know you're handsome but what am I? :P

Sexual-Lobster responds:

you are an arse with a beard and a hat by the look of it.


2012-12-21 19:47:48

Thanks! lol
Now, how about a kiss? XD


2012-12-22 20:42:28

I really hope you're not being screwed over my Machinima Mr Voigt, but good luck in all your things! I'm sure they'll be lovely and stuff.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

everyone i have dealt with while making the series has been excellent.


2012-12-22 22:36:02

dwarfs your efforts of 2012?!
I'm the kind of excited previously experienced only by santa awaiting a sea of children gelatinously crawling over one another to sit on his "lap"

Sexual-Lobster responds:

ohhhh baby wait thats seedy.


2012-12-26 00:10:48

Glad to know you treat newgrounds better than youtube, but, your vid wasn't bad. I might have to add it to my compilation of newgrounds psytrance and whatnot designed for tripping balls
if your cool with that

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2012-12-28 15:45:18

i saw some of ur movies, two words ... funny for honey.. opps looks like 3 words, anyway i wanted to add one of funny batman pic on rag.. ahem i mean a comic if that's cool with u

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i'm not quite sure what you're asking but sure, go ahead.


2013-01-01 00:45:33

how do flash?


2013-01-09 00:15:13

@mandog You unhook your bra and lift your shirt up.

And now for the reason I'm commenting. Sexual-Lobster, I already reviewed Contagious, but I just came up with a phrase I wished I'd mentioned in that review:

Poor Fernando has come down with a serious case of crab-tongue...

That is all.


2013-01-09 00:18:01

Also, more RAGEMELON. Please.


2013-01-11 23:05:55

I guess this is one of the few moments in life where I can say I am looking forward to the plague.


2013-01-12 20:44:46

Yeaaaaah, Ragemelon! Looking forward to it! :D