2008-02-13 04:24:38 by Sexual-Lobster

Hey hey hey hey,

Well I've just had 3 months off animating. Why, you ask? I had to work so I could afford to go to Uni this year. What do I study? Animation, of course. Perverse, isn't it? Well I didn't HAVE to take 3 months off but when I get home from work I don't have the patience to do colouring and inbetweening and lip syncing and all that stuff so I thought I'd try something different and have been working on a webcomic, called Fernando's Specialty.

Anyway the real purpose of this is to let anyone who's mildly curious know that I've jumped back into the flash project and it will be turning up sooner or later, it's called Pleasure Island.


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2008-02-13 04:25:28

I like pleasure, and islands, this is relevant to my interests.


2008-02-13 04:49:31

I got an interesting story for ya.
In mid '06 my friend showed me your toon, "Great Weed Drought of '03".
Since then I've watched it baked nearly 100 times by now I figure.
...err the point is... smoke on brother. :P

Sexual-Lobster responds:

glad you like it! I intended to make a sequel: "Great Weed Drought of '05", I wrote it and everything, but it's not quite as funny as the first one so I never got excited enough about it to make it.


2008-02-13 04:53:44

Why did you go study something that you're already obviously great at?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

This year is the third year of a three year course, and I can definitely see two years of improvement over the last two years. My main regret is that a lot of the uni assignments are a bit irrelevant to drawing and animating well and it's kept me from animating more.


2008-02-13 04:59:15

Sweetness. Good luck in Uni and making your animations.

Sexual-Lobster responds:



2008-02-13 05:42:40


So is pleasure island just going to be a recreation of the House of Squid strips, or will it be entirely new material?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

It will be mostly an animated version of the Pain...or Pleasure? strips in HOS, but it will have some extra stuff in it. I'm betting that most people won't remember the strips very well since they're so old so it will be like seeing them for the first time even if you're read them.


2008-02-13 05:58:00

Just saw your webcomic. The first page is so funny!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

heheh it's pretty seedy isn't it? The father character pays the price later on though


2008-02-13 12:34:36

I love your animations and comics.Can you give me any tips on drawing?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks! the two things that make me improve is a) draw as much as you can, and b)try and draw things that are challenging, maybe always a little outside your comfort zone. try copying some michaelangelo sketches or other accomplished drawings and analysing how they work, that really helped me.


2008-02-13 16:11:41

Brilliant comic, I enjoyed it so much that I read it twice. But it's good to have you back on making Flashes, you're work is amazing.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks a lot! I'm enjoying animating again. The comic has 4 more pages to go though, check back in a few weeks!


2008-02-13 16:44:18

The first page of fernando's specialty had me in peices! what a way to brighten my valentines day... :)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

Glad it gave you a warm glow, valentines day is a ho hum time for many.


2008-02-14 00:53:54

Just a thought
Back when you called the webcomic Cocaine squid then decided on fernandos specialty?
I was wondering why you didn't call it "Vitamin C"
on a seperate note the singing fish made my day
thank you for being awesome

Sexual-Lobster responds:

haha no worries, i try to keep it up but its hard!
Vitamin C is a good title as well, Fernando's Specialty is actually a fairly irrelevant title because very little of the comic has to do with his *ahem* special dish, but it has a good ring to it. If i was to make a flash of it I'd call it Cocaine Squid I think.


2008-02-14 08:03:02

I'd really like to see Fernando's Specialty as a flash. It's Awesome!
Hope Pleasure Island comes out soon.
Any idea when it'll be finished?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

Thanks! I'd like to turn it into a flash, especially now that most of the key poses are already done. One hitch: Peter, who does the voice for Sarah McCray's twin sister, is overseas currently, and no one else could do his/her voice like Peter can.


2008-02-14 23:01:54

Tanks for the other tip but how do you shade?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

the best way to learn shading is to study other artist's techniques. Observation is important but actually replicating a technique will allow you to master it quicker.


2008-02-15 02:45:03

yeeeeee!!! bring it on you dirty mooselover!!! haha, hope to see that soon... good luck! don't keep us waiting for ever... please :)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

groan, sadly i woudln't even say i'm half done, but i'm hoping that over the next few weeks at least I get to spend lots of time on it.


2008-02-19 18:56:22

Pleasure island, ey? Sounds promising, indeed. Any previews / pre-synopsis for the plot or the characters? Or am I pushing my luck now? :3

Sexual-Lobster responds:

sure thing! the flash will follow this comic pretty closely: http://houseofsquid.greasymoose.c om/24.html


2008-03-02 16:42:44



2008-03-04 16:50:36

Your comic is one of the best I've ever seen.
You should be fucking POPE!


2008-03-07 15:34:24

I can see it now: Me and my grandkids sitting down to watch the horseman show on the main holo-TV.

Good luck on your third year, bro!


2008-03-09 22:10:49

Looking forward to Pleasure Island!


2008-03-21 05:30:54

Chris, you are without a doubt, my favorite artist on newgrounds, and i am indebted to you for your creation on "space duck"

i loved the animation, and without getting TOO freaked out, the music actually saved my life a few times... if i was feeling dangerously depressed, it always cheered me up, and brought me to a meditative state

ive read Fernando's Specialty four times now, and i cant wait to see what happens next (its such a fucking cliff hanger! is she a dude or a chick? i dont know!!)

its also one of the few things that has made my friends, laugh out-right

so, thanks Chris, keep working, dont get distracted... keep pumping this stuff out, and if i can at all make any request, to the god of talent, its that you make a "space duck 2" or something to that theme..

thanks again...


2008-03-29 00:44:06

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