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would make
the best

i guess ragemelon and admiral melon could be the same flavour. banana yes, apple yes. egg? would corn flavour work? pickle flavour?


^ except for Spleen McQueen


Good god, it would be like another hilarious adventure time. SORRY YOU DIDNT WIN.

me too, although i'm not certain it would have been made if i had won, the prize was strangely ill defined.

Any animations on it for NG?

although ragemelon sits on the panel on "ask raptor jesus"

I loved bananacles' design, but I just feel sorry for shame egg. He looked like he didn't want to live.

Anyway, the concept was pure gold. Who knows, someone might see it here and make something out of it.

actually you're right there was some disconnect between his appearance and his character. i probably would have had to change that.

Ragemelon: Hero? Sociopath? Lover?

Tonight, on channel 4 news.

Ragemelon would be all 3, and a wicked dancer to boot.

Spleen McQueen scared my shit up

awww but he's so friendly and kind!

.... melon meets rage, my god what have you done???

not pictured: when he gets really angry, he sweats seeds.

theres a Veggie tales gummi snack that has asparagus/carrot/cucumber/tomato/and even a blueberry that all have fruit flavours differing from their corresponding cartoon vegetables. we could make this work. clam flavour will stay clam though. no exceptions

and it will taste like reflux does the day after eating fish.

Twinkies look like nukes :3

i don't know what you're talking about but it sounds erotic.


i wasn't sure whether he should never get smashed or get smashed all the time and have the ability to put himself back together.

now i'll never have to make that decision. *phew*

When I come to GC for uni next year I'll write you animate and we can make a million billion dollars. Easy

P.s. Spleen McQueen should get his own show.

your task for the next one minute is to write a sketch for spleen mcqueen and post it here.

This would make Abc3 watchable, they have no idea what they turned down.


really though, the ABC guy who wrote to me actually read my script (all 4300 words of it), and listed the reasons why it wasn't suitable for them. so i respect the fact he took time to give me feedback, he didn't have to.

that said.......THOSE FOOLS!!!

Why not just give kids Fernando... It could be educational on two levels. First level how to be a man whore, second level what to never become. Either way it's a win win! I could only imagine how my life would be devoid of the internet and nice things if I had grown up watching Fernando oh how my childhood was cheated away from me. But on a serious note about Ragemelon, give him a hat, and a worthy catchphrase you sold me on the idea.

wow you just blew me away. maybe i could just pitch pleasure island 2, completely unchanged, as a kids show, with the simple premise of "don't be a sexual deviant, kids".

what hat should he wear? a fez? a beaver? also, his catchphrase is incoherent screaming.

I wanted to say something along the lines of German Alpine hat, or a viking helmet with horns. The problem is I don't know what he sounds like I assume if you are voicing him Australian? So why not something along those lines some kind of Bush walker. Also some shoes would not hurt a champion can only go as far as his blisters let him. Sure kids wouldn't pick up on that but damit the parents forced into watching it would.

viking helmet could work.

yeah, i dont like fruit based characters....or vegetable based... i'm sure most children would agree with me on this.

I think if you wanted to pitch something as a childrens show, just take the stuff you normally do and tone it down slightly....your stuff is pretty much kids material already.

you mustn't have seen most of my films if you say that!

No, seriously... pleasure island 3 for example; replace the drug/sex/whoring references, replace the french kissing scene with something PG (regular kissing would be fine), remove the butt squeeze, remove the middle fingers...
and depening on the age being aimed for; maybe remove blood, maybe change female undergarments to swimsuits....
and you're good to go.

that's quite alot isn't it?
essentially what you're saying works for anything

any film - adult content = kids show

Actually keep the butt squeeze....I was thinking American standards.
We're in Australia, butt squeeze is fine for kids.

surely not the butt groping though

no no it doesnt work for everything...a lot of flash here at newgrounds, you get rid of the adult content and you'll be missing important plot points (if there are any at all)....but with your stuff the plot is still intact after removing most of the offending content....i hate to tell you this man...but your EDGY adult content is just surface material that can be thrown away without greatly affecting the story.
You're a children's cartoonist at heart.

you said edgy first not me

to the rest...i disagree.

Fruit characters are overdone, most shows with them end up being boring.

where are you from? i haven't seen any fruit shows. (i didn't do that much research though)

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