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I saw it on your website earlier this evening. It was still in "Beta" for some reason, what was changed? Also, it was sexeh. Then again, everything you do is sexeh.... so sexeh.....

you are implanting sexeh rays in your movies, aren't you? Is this your evil scheme for world domination (And by domination I mean mass sexification?) Cause if so, we'll gladly welcome our new lord and master.

yes, yes, yes and yes...yes...and yes...yes, yes and yes...yes.

i've been making minor touchups to it all day. i put a beta version up because i wanted some feedback, in case something was glaringly wrong with it.

fucking evidence !

You should try switching from a flash-made website from something HTML5 based :p

but you can't switch from something from something. you have to go TO something.

Nice job. That was great. :)


well, I learned today that Frittata is no a verb.

you didn't know that already???


I loved it when Robot Chicken made Ted Turner of Warner Bro. Co. go all captain planet on his employees.

Remember that episode?

MORE CAPTAIN PLANET?! You sir, may be the recipient of an awkwardly long hug.

i do hope so.

Please finish Pleasure Island 4, you sexy manbeast.

oh it will get finished, some day.

fucking Hulalaoo !

Gia should have his kids in the next one... and he doesn't pay child support. Little half gods running everywhere. lol

thats an awesome idea, i wonder if they'd inherit the blue skin, green hair and compulsory lack of pants.

Well, I could help you redesign that site with more interactivity if you'd like.

thanks for the offer, but I'm happy with it as is. It's only function is to host my films and forum really.

The kids just has mullet chest hair... even the girls.

mullet chest hair...is that even possible?

It totally is. Captain Planet rips pieces of his mullet and the torn hairs latch onto anything it touches.. forming good and evil in the universe.

magic mullet? ...or chunks of mullet taped to things...hmm...

Well, that's one way to talk about air pollution.

On the subject of mullets: do you think you will ever give Captain Manlove and the mulleteers another shot at animation glory?

probably not, no. they had their chance AND THEY BLEW IT.

I thought Dance of the Manwhore WAS Pleasure Island 4... :O

HA HA you fell for my prank! feel the bitter shame trickle through your bowels!

good stuff! oh yeah will you make another Angry Dog?

there's always a chance aniboom will ask me to make more. but the chances are slim to none.

I love you.

On the next episode of the explosive new hit soap drama series: "Captain Planet"
After his bloody rampage of destroying that which he loves, he falls fast to the ground, only to awaken in a strange room, with a bubble suit on. His whole live has been nothing but the dream of a horribly disfigured man with an immune system difficiency caused by a food coma that left him discolored and unable to interact with the environment around him.

How will he cope? Will he wear pants? Why is his mullet seemingly growing on the outside of the bubble? And when will the rape weasels stop eating me slowly limb by limb? Tune in next week for the stunning conclusion of the end of the seasons series finale of "Captain Planet"!

holy shit that's dark. i'd watch that.

I think if i pitched that idea to a tv show maker/producer/director(whoever the hell deals with that shit) They'd probably open a trap door to a pit full of animatronic barneys with only lady gaga and jonus brothers music playing. Needless to say, they probably wouldn't like it all to much :P

yes i tend to agree with that sentiment, but this is the internet, im sure you could make it happen.

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