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Yeah, every time I grow a massive beard I end up shaving it for no other reason than I couldn't eat anything properly withou eating my moustache hairs too.

Instead I'm just gonna grow dali moustachios. Easier to eat, and just as cool :D

on the plus side, hair is high in protein.

Always starts out looking like pubic hair.

you must find the strength to push through the pube barrier

manwhore beards are notoriously hard to maintain, but so sought after in hip communities. i prefer the cool-guy-stubble

but you can't pull on stubble thoughtfully

OMG it's the REAL man-whore.

I'm sure you can invest in some special effects fake hair online.
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCBH1Uq4Dog">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCBH1U q4Dog</a>
It'll be a thrill seeing you act and perform live in person when you go to NG meets.

And I agree, facial hair is a hassle, it's itchy, it's hard to eat, you have to constantly groom it.

groom? what is this groom you speak of?

You are one sexy bitch. &lt;3

why thankyou!

...holy shit...
THE Sexual-Lobster, and you reply to like all of these blog posts. EPIC.

I just wanted to say, all my friends and myself included love all of your videos, and that beard is just simply amazing. You know what I would do if my girl asked me to shave my beard? Shave it, then glue it to her chin, so she can experience it's awesomeness first-hand.


Handsome beard dude. cutting that down was a crime!
i have been thinking by my self that when you will make sequel to destiny man. it was funny as hell. rush it up please


Nice beard, wish i could grow one, lol. You don't look very happy there, did your girlfriend take that right before you trimmed it?

As a fellow Australian (from Dalby, Qld) i'd like to congradulate you on showing all the americans on here how awesome, talented and funny some australians really are, lol.
Btw, can you make more movies about capitan planet, politicians and stuff, and where do you live, brisbane? sydney?

Also, when is Pleasure island 3 coming out?

i took it just before i trimmed it, so yes i was crying inside.

im kinda done with politics for the moment. more cp is a possibility though

I mean Pleasure island 4, lol.

i have no idea when #4 will be done at this point. not for a while.

can i just at least pretend you look like Fernando

when i draw his creepy eye CU shots i glare into a mirror for a reference, so i guess sometimes he looks like me.

&quot;Just between you and me, eating was getting a little challenging.&quot;

Eating...eating what? ;)

anything. and drinking was irritating. there was always excess fluids around my mouth. oh and one time i blew my nose and...yeh

Jesus Christ your sexy

i know i know, its a curse i must bear alone

Now that's a nice looking beard! Bravo ;D

i agree!

That's why I have myself a chin beard. It's stylin, I can stroke it while pondering and the girlfriend likes it.

hmm stroking IS important

Holy shit dude that beard is glorious, and a Great Destiny Man 2 I can't wait. Also did you see that guy on QandA this week who said he didn't believe in gravity?

heh yeh what an asshole

hunh...i pictured you looking more like gooseman :D
good luck to you on the project!


im sure youd see it if i was + shades and - beard in the picture

Yeah... That beard has great structure, coverage and thickness. Quite an impressive specimen. A shame it was shaved off. Now, by girlfriend, do you really mean boyfriend. Just looking at your aura and correlating it to some of your flashs I've seen. Lol.

aura? what are you a shaman?

I've always wanted a beard so i could hide crayons and stuff in it

i dont think mine was ever sticky enough

My beard always looks (and often feels) like a greasy mess of pubes.

If you don't mind stubble, but don't like &quot;shaving&quot;, I suggest taking a &quot;hair buzzer&quot; (you know the ones) and plowing through your face.

Perma-stubble ... can look sexy too.

yup thats what i ended up doing, no smooth face for me

Sexy like a broken hip - the beard so manly and so thick. Shave the girlfriend say you must - off it goes, with much fuss.

Crying like a little girl - covered in yoghurt, all alone. The beard that once was is no more - time to swallow your sadness with a manly whore.

that's...beautiful, man.

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