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Help me with this rhyme

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - May 29th, 2010

Picture them over the top of the Squidhunting Manwhore loop - fast paced and monotone.

It would be rapped by Fernando, if anyone remembers him.

Here's what i got so far:

Love as large as brontosaurus
Passion like a bleeding walrus
Our love is real it's no mirage
Want to lock you in my garage


BTW Fernando is a kind and gentle soul, sure he's creepy but no explicit violent stuff please.

I know the garage line is seedy but it's meant in a playful way, I think there's a line of good taste.

Comments (45)

sensual motions of my strong hands
it turns rough like the desert sands
your grip like a throbbing crustacean
our groins giving off radiation

drenched in our sweaty brine
is this blood yours or mine?

ooh nice finish!

I grow tall great courage mountain
Look, not twice there's a hat like fountain
Remember to always send out orange
rap rap rap rap rap rap rap
rap rap rap r-rap rap rap.

At first we touch through the morning mist
filled with lust, i can't resist
Then our lips press together
gracefully, as soft as a feather

[Insert epic keyboard solo]

I hold you back and ask for your number
you squeeze my hand and pull out some lumber

At first we touch through the morning mist
filled with lust, i can't resist

...that's beautiful, man...

My groin filled with much frustration
Hard like a shelled crustacean
Our souls combine me and you
like that time I spliced a Badger-Roo
Greasy drunk love with a twist
I want to share with you love's fist

Prepare for my pashion you will feel the brunt
When we make love hard in your...bedroom

I want to share with you love's fist

love it!

So strong like a zombie cure
Our love burns so damn pure
Cant take all this emotion
Making this loud commotion

Even with all of my flaws
You got caught in these claws
Like a fedora to a mobster
You belong to Sexual Lobster

i clutch all that is dear to me in my pincers. winces. glimpses. err...

Like a transformer my heart changed over time,
But you were always my optimus prime
I used to stab felines, now i stab at love
Replaced the fur of , for the feathers of doves

Relationships like highscores, are quite hard to keep
The white Columbidae flies and soars, the Felis Catus sleeps

dude love the transformers lines!

* fur of cats

I think a spoken word thing on top of Squidhunting Manwhore would do quite nicely:

Like a bag of fresh puppies,
I could just squeeze you down
and throw you in a pond, tied to a rock

Ooh, you make me so happy
Kneel down, and lick the ground
I'll whip your back with my...


squeeze you down?

mmnnnn Fernando is a soft and gentle lover, even if he is extremely creepy.

My house tight and so are you
So come inside and i'll bend to
Your long strong entrance into my brain
filled with a creamy storm of love, hate and pain

I have a horn and you have a gash
Time for our creaming bodies to clash
Like a rhino mingled with a cat
foreplay will leave you blue and black

Mouth to anus, intestinal tract
Sharing one pipe packed
with warm fuzzy love filled juices
stampeding bed like a pack of mooses

Beef jerky and rancid red meat
Our body to body red hot treat
Reddening bedsheets, bodies leak
Limbs limp, white skin, job complete.

i'm loving that last paragraph, and also these two lines:

Like a rhino mingled with a cat
foreplay will leave you blue and black

so i do lock you in and leave the car running and you suffocate.
thats what you get you stupid bitch for cheating on me with ted

zomg who's ted?


Fingers running through your hair
Our bodies glistening completely bare
Lovers all over the world shall hear our fable
Your beautiful eyes, my Tower Of Bable

i've definitely never heard "Tower of Bable" used as an endearment before.

gettin hotter by the second sting
my eruption will be your reckon-ing

Try something including a goon, you can't go wrong with a goon.



LOVIN ALL THESE RHYMES! especially that one about paul being a walrus dududu

one fish two fish
red fish blue fish


It will be rapped by me? Cool.

No complete ideas here, but I did come up with a few verses you might like:

When you caught my chocolate eyes
I got goosebumps upon my thighs
My anus tightened with desire
As my Latin heart was set afire

The sweet perfume of squid at dusk
Mixes well with Latin musk

Tears and screams of pain and pleasure
Are gifts that we will share forever


Fierce as a moose from the wild
Emotions that far from mild
Stop resisting and lets elope
Besides you cant tear that rope

The more you sweat, the more I lust
The more you cry, the more I thrust

I feel dirty

i like that yours has a storytelling element to it...but i..uh..i'm not so keen on the story

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