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party time....???

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - October 9th, 2010

hey dudes
i've done a short comic called Gooseman goes on a date, you should, like, read it or something. if you don't, i'll know.

anyway, i finished up at my job yesterday

i have bought 2 cartons of beer and stocked up on both real and junk food

how should i spend however much time off i have before a temp agency calls me with something, (or failing that enough time elapses that i start to feel guilty about being unemployed and seek work out myself)?

should i:

a) embark upon a ruthless regimen of yoga, rigorous exercise, healthy foods and protein supplements; this is a good opportunity for self improvement

b)drink the beer as quickly as possible, hit the local dvd store like some kind of vacant-eyed cyclone

c)endless back to back pornography marathons, avoid girlfriend

d)do some arty project or something

party time....???

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I like to think that endless porn and beer seem to go well together, so how aobut merging B and C, and in any time left work on D. Yoga is a losers past-time.

damnit this isn't subway you can't mix and match, i have to do something 200% or not at all!

actually who am i kidding it will probably be d+b+ 25% of a - yoga

actually i've never done yoga before so doing it now without tuition would probably be dangerous.

Start with C...then when you hit rock bottom you decide to clean yourself up with A...that lasts about 10 minutes before deciding C is a good enough way to keep healthy. Then D later when you feel worthless.

but what if my time off ends before i get to d? actually, the answer to that is nothing. nothing at all.

Why don't you try to selling organs?
Not the squishy kind though, but the musical kind!

what, like door to door? online? the large nature of organs make them hard to peddle.
i had a 1970s organ once, it was fucking huge. it even had a drum machine. samba, rhomba, it had it all.

*edit* i just looked up rhomba and turns out there's no such thing. so i guess the drum machine just had samba and a whole bunch of other beats i can't remember.

You should do ALL FOUR. Its what I usually do when I have time, Watch movie (or use it as background noise), eat ANYTHING, Stretch out/do a little Yoga or meditation in the shower, and Continue working on TRYING improving my lifestyle and projects and other things, ohhhh MASTURBATION IS AN EPIC STRESS RELIEF!! Do it whenever stressed!

mas...tur...bation? is that like big debate? i'll look it up and give it a try, thanks dude.

A, B, C and D.

All at the same time.

no no no,
beer and chocolate milk are both good, but you don't want them both in your mouth at the same time.

so in this analogy, I'M the beer, and WORK is the milk. and we just don't combine well.


Note, not E, that would be stupid, much less G (really, monkeys? what are you smoking?), F is the correct option, go wild!

no guidance as to the direction my wildness should be aimed at? do you mean like, frenzied, primal, bug eating wild?

D!!! Always D, oh well i guess you can drink while doing D... PS: Pleasure island 4 :3 that would be nice, thaaaaaaaankkksss :)

oh yeh that old thing

actually its half finished, but ive put it aside for the moment, no i'd like to do some comics for a change

You oughtta organize a collab sometimes.. Heck, I'd join...

is that where people become my willing slaves and work on my projects for no money? cause i could go for some of that.


^---ignore that
it's already be taken...

Y'know there's something you should know
So I'm gonna tell you so
Don't sweat it
Forget it
Enjoy the show

poetry? at a time like this? ?! this is no time to rhyme!

Option B. Drink the time away. You only live once and this is an excellent opportunity to show life that you don't even begin to give a hot damn. When all else fails you have alcohol on your side, at least until it betrays you in the morning when it attempts to stab your brain out with a rusty pair of pliers.

finally an answer that doesn't take my welfare into consideration, thank you sir.

B, C, & D sound like the hot ticket. They should, in fact, all be done at the same time. Fap and animate, whilst drinking heavily, and watching Lucio Fulci movies.

with so much competition, animating would come a poor third i think.


Because I care about you.

mmnnnaawwwwww thhhaaaaaaanks maaaaaannn

B fo show

well one day in and that's what its been so far. my life long ambition to see iron man 2 has been achieved.

Go to the dvd store, find some kind of discount bin and dig up some gold. I bought Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, a bunch of B versions of famous sci-fi films (I am Omega - I am Legend, The day the earth stopped... the day the earth stood still, some other shit) anyway, watch some of those, drink the beer to make them tolerable. that way you can bond with your girlfriend. (at the middle! HI-OH) and ya know, if it all goes well it'll inspire a hilarious art project.

aah yes the asylum films, the youtube previews have warned me about them. this one i saw yesterday was sherlock holmes fighting dinosaurs. now i'm not saying that if the robert downy jnr film had dinosaurs it wouldn't have been better, far from it, all i'm saying is that if the robert downey jnr version had dinosaurs it would have been WAY better.

You need to embrace your destiny and go on a drunken murder crusade across the entire world. Leave your pants at the door you won't be needing them.......
oh and yoga can go suck a cack

that sounds like your destiny, my destiny must be defined and categorized by a list before hand and that's not going on the list.

visit me. i have latex, 80's action movies, and a turtle.

i'm waaaay to cheap to board a plane anywhere. wwwaaaaaaaaayyyy too cheap. wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... you get the idea.

well if that can't be on the agenda, then with all seriousness i say A. personal health is the root of good motivation and productivity. embrace fleeting youth by crafting good habits and routines that will prolong it in your future so you can be a spry, thickly moustached senior proudly bearing a hello kitty tattoo on your inner thigh and a swath of leathermans and fish hooks around your belt, truly ready for the world.
the porn marathons of today will not be remembered tomorrow, and fine arty projects will come naturally when you dont feel run down. boozing and dvd store ransacking is enjoyed best i think when not actually planned.

but as always, avoiding girlfriend is top priority.

except for that last sentence that was extremely, dangerously sensible, sucho. seriously i'm getting worried about you.

its certainly not because i feel my youth frantically being siphoned away in porn files and ps1 saves, oh ho no sir. i'm totally an employed, functioning, blissfully ignorant, well loved, and attractive member of society.



run towards poverty! embrace privation and abstinence!

i am facing an even bigger crisis though: i don't know which project to work on, i've got a few going and soon after i start something i get sick of it. i never used to be so fickle.

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