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Sexual-Lobster's News

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - February 20th, 2012

Read Manwhore Industries.

I just got back from a month in Laos and Vietnam (That's why I was so slack with PMs and replying to reviews). While I was away I drew this comic, most of it on wobbly tables in various different restaurants.

It's somewhere between a comic and a storyboard really, and I would like to turn it into a cartoon some time over the next few months. Hopefully it is clear who is saying what.

It takes place in Gooseman and Fernando's office. I like the idea of them having this massive, run down commercial building all to themselves, and I've got some ideas for sequels-of-sorts.

I kept it pretty rough, to keep it fun. I didn't have the best paper for it and I tend to buy pretty cheap pens because I'm, well, cheap.

I like the new newgrounds. My first reaction was that I don't like how titles are no longer displayed and you have to hover the mouse over to see what stuff is called, but Tom said in his last post that they're gonna change that. Good work, fellas.

Manwhore Industries

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - January 19th, 2012

Cops on fire with erections.

Read the comic it's based on.

Sadly, there are no erections in this film, well, their existence is implied but not graphically depicted. Also there's no fire. Fire is mentioned at one point, but again not depicted. Also, there's no cops, at all.

My friend Peter likes to print zines. He gave me one he made which contained a 5 page comic he had drawn with a friend of his, Tom O'Hern. I thought at first that it wouldn't take long to make it into a film, that it would mostly be extreme close ups with a mouth library for each character. But once I started I realised there was a lot more action than I thought and that it would be crap if I just half-assed it, so that's how I ended up spending a flaming buttload of time on this. It's quite long, I think it's a bit over 4 minutes.

There's other bits in the comic that I haven't included in the film. At one point cartoon versions of Peter and Tom find themselves in prison and then things get a bit rapey but it didn't have much to do with the Cat and Death character so I didn't animate that part. Also the vegetables near the end in the comic are capsicums, but they don't really fit in eye sockets and I think they're known as peppers anyway in most places so I changed them to cucumbers.

Anyway, enjoy it if you can.


Posted by Sexual-Lobster - December 31st, 2011

any predictions for the new year?

i predict nickelback will become ironically cool to listen to.

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - December 11th, 2011

So I know I've been spamming Newgrounds with my films recently buuuuuuuuuuut I just uploaded The Great Chimp Heist, and it will probably be my last one for a while so you should totally watch it.

This idea was once a 7-8 minute epic heist movie which involved The Greasy Moose, the band in my really old animations, entering a music competition but having their hopes of rising to stardom dashed by Fernando's chimp machinations. But I was never going to attempt to animate something that big so eventually thought why not just do the heist part and make it a musical?

Some of you might recognise the song used as a remix of Space Duck, a song from way back in 2007.

The Great Chimp Heist

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - November 17th, 2011

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking about how you'd like to buy everyone you know a painting of Raptor Jesus eating his last meal with all his buddies for christmas. Well stop sweating because I have painted this very image and have placed it strategically on several printing sites in anticipation of your frenzied purchasing.

You can choose from loads of different sizes up to 2.4m (96") x .71m (28") at Fine Art America and a bit smaller at Redbubble. You can get a regular poster or a framed, laminated or canvas print.

A gentleman commissioned me to create this image for him, and in my enthusiasm I started it before receiving the first half of the commission. The fellow obviously had a change of heart, but by the time I realised this I had done half of it so, after much sobbing, I decided that I may as well finish it.

On another topic, I keep hearing about this Skyrim thing. It looks almost as good as the Pleasure Island RPG. But not quite.

The Last Supper of Raptor Jesus

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - November 4th, 2011

Pleasure Island RPG

Play as Fernando as you quest to recover your prized squid hunting squid! (Later on Gooseman and Randy join your party as well).

The game was made by Velex using RPG maker 2003. It really took me back to the 90s when I played Chrono Trigger and one of the early Final Fantasy games. Velex has also put a lot of good jokes in there, so give it a play.

Also I've got a new cartoon out called HARDER, TIFFANY, HARDER!!! Like Milk of the Manwhore, this one is also based on a comic jam. I bet some of you thought Randy was dead, huh? Fernando didn't check for a pulse!

Also, I've started working with RealMediaDub, a Spanish dub group, to make Spanish translations of my films. First is Milk of the Manwhore. The next dub, probably next week some time, will be Captain Planet Rampage. Although I don't speak Spanish and so can't gauge how accurate the translations are, their acting sounds really good, and the sound is broadcast quality.

Pleasure Island RPG + new film

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - October 12th, 2011

Milk of the Manwhore

This was adapted from a comic jam that's been going on my site for a while (and is still going if anyone wants to contribute) The ending here differs substantially from the comic though. I didn't actually realise it until today (thanks to one of the commenters on youtube) but the goat character is called Baphomet and is a real occult figure. I assumed she was a random goat demon with tits that one of the comic jam contributors came up with. The more you know. I did enjoy animating the breast bouncing though.

I started this as a fun project that I only intended to spend 2 or 3 days on, but I kept adding stuff and before I knew it I'd spent twice as long on it as I intended, but no regrets.

I was originally going to call thisFernando's Amazing Adventure, but it was slightly longer than 25 characters, which is Newgrounds' limit for titles, but I'm glad it was too long because it forced me to think of a new title, which I think is a better one.

Milk of the Manwhore

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - September 4th, 2011

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - August 11th, 2011

It's been over a year since Pleasure Island 3, which ended with a big fat "to be continued". I've been asked many many times when Pleasure Island 4 will be finished in the comments of everything I've made since then.

It's actually half done, but I haven't worked on it for about six months. It still needs a solid week of work to get it over the line, but there always seems to be something more important to do.

But there are other reasons. The big one is that I'm not really happy with it. There's only a few jokes, and they're not that great. The action is good in parts, average in others. I don't really like the music I made for it. All it does is tie up the events in Pleasure Island 3, but now that I've left it so long only those who have seen Pleasure Island 3 recently will have any idea what is going on. At one point Flash crashed, making the file corrupt, so I had to import the whole project from the swf, which means its now really clunky and annoying to work with.

So yeh, sorry to be such a tease and not provide closure. I still might finish it...one day...

In other news, this is a promo for a series of music videos organised by Machinima that I am making a film for.

My parts are at :08 and :28, but they are not at the same time as the song I am doing.

Mine also has lasers. I haven't put lasers in anything since Captain Planet Rampage, so...you know...gotta hit my laser quota.

It says in the promo that it starts August 8th, but mine is further down the queue and probably won't be out until September. Sadly I'm not able to put it on Newgrounds (I asked but the answer was no), but I'll link to it from here when it goes up.

Pleasure Island 4 update

Posted by Sexual-Lobster - July 15th, 2011

Great Destiny Man 2.

If you've ever given birth, or pushed a watermelon through a small, square opening, then you know how it feels to finish a large film project. It doesn't help if you leave all the boring stuff until last.

I've always wanted to make a fantasy epic, this is as close as I'll get I think. I've written a few more episodes, but this one is the largest. Future episodes, if made, will have more fighting, as that is what I enjoyed the most making this one. Also Great Destiny Man hasn't met anyone who has actually challenged him yet, so that will have to change.

You don't need to have seen the first one either, as this one does not follow on from it.

Great Destiny Man 2